RHONJ – S9 E5 Turkish Delights

Teresa Guidice, Melissa Gorga & Jackie RHONJ – S9 E5 Turkish Delight

Newbie Jennifer is meeting Teresa at a trampoline workout class. Teresa is bringing up Oklahoma. Jennifer is hosting a party at her house, hoping the ladies will see another side to her. Cross your fingers.

Teresa hasn’t spoken to Joe yet (her brother), but said she’s sure it’ll happen soon. Whooooa Jackie better watch it. She’s talking to her husband about what she said to Teresa about controlling husbands. Oh wow, she said Teresa doesn’t scare her! She should be scared!

Lol!!! Joe is practically laughing at Melissa about the psychic saying she might have another sister. Oh wow, Joe is “offended” that Teresa is telling the ladies about their parent drama.

Marg Sr. looks incredible! She looks like she’s Marg’s sister! Lol. OMG! Danielle just called Marg a bitch to her face immediately! Are you kidding me? Lol. She said her feelings were hurt she wasn’t invited to Oklahoma. Like, I’m so sure she regrets it now?

Joe just showed up at Teresa’s place to see their Father for 2 seconds. The real reason, he wanted to yell at Teresa. Teresa calls him out on his shit and he doesn’t even acknowledge it.

Now he’s losing his it. Teresa is trying to talk to him, but he’s freaking out. He seems really immature. Men and women never grow up!

Wow, Jennifer’s husband suuuuuuucks. He’s worse than Shane! Lol. He said she gives in too much. Which, seems pretty clear.

Wow, Dolores’ mom is not cute. Lol. I know that’s rude, but it’s true. Okay, sure how is Dolores so pretty and Frankie is so hot? Lol. Teresa is coming over to eat and she’s too scared to go into Dolores’ house because of 3 dogs (2 small) behind a gate! Lol.

She’s venting to Dolores and Joe is venting to Melissa. Neither Melissa or Teresa are planning on bringing up the Father situation @ Jennifer’s. I wonder if Jackie is the one who is going to cause trouble?

Omg Jennifer’s daughter said she’s not sharing, and Jennifer didn’t even correct her?! She already dropped her first brag, “kids never want to leave her house”.

Melissa’s being phoney to Dolores and she’s not into it. This house makes me sick. She has wayyyyy too much for no friends. I mean, I’m assuming she has no friends. Lol, Melissa is saying Jennifer is acting like she used to.

Awkward, Jennifer just brought up Joe to Teresa. Now Teresa is talking to the girls about Joe. Melissa and Jackie are in the other room, also talking about it. Melissa just told Jackie she wants to just stay out of it.

Uh oh, Dolores just said, “they consider her family”, I know Melissa does not like that. Melissa sat down and Dolores immediately came at Melissa and goes, is your husband mad at me?!

Geez, they are kind of looking at Melissa like sharks. Lol. Awkward…now Dolores is going in on Melissa. Uh oh, Jackie just stuck up for Melissa and came at Teresa. Now they are going back and forth about being able to control husbands. I actually just liked Jennifer for a second.

This Jackie girl is so annoying. Teresa is basically ignoring her. Omg, I can’t handle this chick. I can’t believe she went there with Tre. Teresa is going to hate this girl forever.

Everyone is leaving now. Can’t handle Jackie. She said she’s going to call out Tre and Melissa if they are mean to Melissa. Bring it girl.






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