RHOD – Reunion Part 2

LeeAnne Locken, D’Andra Simmons, Kameron Westcott, Stephanie Hollman, Cary Deuber & Brandi Redmond Real Housewives of Dallas – Reunion Part 2

OMG last week’s Reunion Part 1 was soooo good! I am very excited for the conclusion tonight, but in a really sadddd way!! Not looking forward to annoying Mama D.

Starting out talking about Kam. Love her! Haha she said she’s usually, “spacing out”, when she is nodding along and agreeing on camera!

Oh good, addressing Kort. She said she understands where he’s coming from. Omg Kam just said, “what gets her off”! She is definitely changing! Lol! She sounds like Brandi?

Now we’re talking about Kam’s mother in law (in regard to D). I am excited about this. Hoping Kam doesn’t back down. Oh god, the friend probation comment! Omg, she’s not even a true Simmons? I didn’t realize that was her step dad’s last name…what’s her real last name?

OMG!! Kam and D’Andra are calling each other puppets. Awe, here comes Stephanie, being an angel, love her! Lol. She’s like girls, this is redick. We sound like spoiled rich bitches. Lol, Stephanie’s facial expression when Kam said let’s stop using the word society!

Omg, Stephanie is admitting people treated her like crap after she did the show, season 1! I love Stephanie!!!! Ugh, she is amazing. She said she doesn’t need those people in her life.

Omg, now Brandi is calling Kam her puppet. Like, use a diff vocabulary word Brandi. We just said that.

I can’t believe people actually think that Kam is afraid of LeeAnne? Like are you kidding? I don’t see it. Well, I guess she did say one thing to her face and another thing to the ladies this season…that happened I think once?

Omg, D says everyone is scared of LeeAnne, aside from Brandi and she thinks LeeAnne has secrets on all the ladies. Lol!!! LeeAnne just said D is from the black sheep side of the Simmons family. Hahaha Yessss, clapping for you boo, love LeeAnne, idk what we would do without her!

Omg D just said the word society like 5 times in a row, shoot me. I’ve rewound part 2 like 20 times already and its only 15 mins in! lol!! What am I going to do without these ladies?!

I can’t believe how honest Cary is about her relationship with her parents! That’s crazy. Just makes her so real to me!! Holy crap she just said sometimes they go months without speaking to her?! I can’t believe that. I thought a parents love was unconditional? My god. Love Cary even more now.

This cell phone thing was so dumb. I totally see Brandi’s side! I am on Brandi’s side. This was dumb. Classic LeeAnne. But again, we needed this. Lol!

Ya Andy, thanks for asking about the Brandi plan, to get shit-faced in front of LeeAnne. That was not a good look. Bringing up LeeAnne filming the ladies. I mean, that was weird. But again, who would have done it, if not LeeAnne?!

Hmm…doesn’t seem like Andy believes Brandi about finding LeeAnne’s phone. Bahahaha!!! Brandi just said LeeAnne’s phone code is probably 666!!! Lol. She’s hilarious. That’s why I love Brandi too. It’s tough. She kind of annoyed me this season, which is sad. I’ve NEVER liked LeeAnne more than Brandi in a season, I’m not saying that’s what happened. I’m just scared it might be…

Kam is being a little over the top now demanding Brandi should stand up. Haha. Chill Kam, don’t do that.

Recapping LeeAnne and D’s relationship all season. Man, this reunion Part 2 has been sooo good! I can’t believe all the stuff to cover! How is this not a 3 parter? Okay, sorry, I just don’t want it to end! Lol!

Yes, thank you Andy! This ALL STARTED!!! When D started PRESSING LEEANNE!! About HER wedding! My god. That is exactly what started all of this, and the way D went after LeeAnne was psycho!

Soooooo basically everything LeeAnne said was 100% accurate! Yes, thank you Cary. Cary just said everyone talks about D’s finances! Clearly, we saw on TV she is the one talking about it! Kam just called out D about saying America would relate to everyone for only having $200 in her bank account and that LeeAnne was set up! We didn’t see it on Kamera though…see what I did there? Omg, even Stephanie is going against D!! Yesssss…that’s when you know it’s bad.

Kam told D all the women are losing trust with her…this might be D’s last season…I’d be okay with that. Sorry, she annoyed the crap out of me this season.

Oh wow, D admitted that she had a coke problem in the past. I’m pretty proud of her for admitting that. She’s basically on prescribed cocaine, by taking Adderall. I mean it’s the RX version.

Oh great, Andy requested Mama D come because he said she can usually speak to both D and LeeAnne, maybe one last saving grace effort? I’m just about to be more annoyed lol.

Mama D just admitted LeeAnne did in fact give her the nickname Mama D. Another reason we need LeeAnne. Lol!

Wow, LeeAnne and D’Andra might go to a friendship therapist, D agreed to it. I think it’s because she knows that’s the only way she’d stay on the show lol.

Well I guess those recaps were good…D is apologized to LeeAnne and Kam!






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