RHOC – S13 E21 Reunion Part 3

Kelly Dodd Real Housewives of Orange County – S13 E21 Reunion Part 3

Opening Part 3 of the reunion with Kelly’s season in review. The fans loved Kelly, but  honestly, she didn’t do much for me. She was clearly on the rebound this season, all she talked about was slutty stuff. Oh ya, and she attacked Shane, but that was in the beginning of the season.

Lol, Michael has a girlfriend and Vicki has met her! Kelly hasn’t even met her. Vicki said, she’s ‘a lot younger’ than Michael. Kelly was offended because she’s only 5 years older than the new gf.

Talking about the Steve/Kelly blow up! Finally! Hmm…that recap was pretty quick. Gina just told Kelly that she was out of line and it was too far and Kelly said she didn’t care. Lol. She doesn’t care what people think of her.

Yikes, Emily just told Kelly to get new material! Lol! Wow, Kelly is so ugly. She won’t take responsibility for anything. We’re talking about how Emily threatened to kill Kelly. Kelly said she was honestly scared for her life. Yeah right, sorry Kelly, I don’t believe you.

Tamra asked Gina why she’s speaking for Emily, as if she never speaks for any of the other ladies. Lol. Kelly said she wished Emily would have hit her. She’s so classy. Tamra and Kelly said Emily always makes excuses for Shane. Like what do they expect her to do? Throw him under the bus?

Awe, now Emily is crying and Kelly seems to have empathy. Only took some tears @ the reunion!

Talking about the Jamaica trip now. Yesss, getting into the Shannon breakdown. Basically, the best part of the season! Can’t wait to see her reaction to Eddie’s comments. So far they haven’t acknowledged it. Ugh, Gina is talking shit to Shannon but she can’t even look her in the eyes.

Now Shannon is crying. Idk, I don’t really feel bad for her. I see the things Tamra is saying in her behavior this season. I do think they went in pretty hard on her at the end. It’s like a competition of who is the better friend, that’s not what friendship is about.

I can’t stand Gina, sorry. I know she’ll be back, but I hope she’s not. I want Emily gone too, she’s a snoozefest. Everyone wants Vicki gone, but that would be weird!

The ladies stand by the fact that Shannon is self-medicating through alcohol. Oh god, now Shannon is recapping all the issues she heard from Tamra that reminded her of David. She needs therapy, Big time. Honestly, this reunion Part 3 is a little boring. Almost over here. Addressing Gina throwing Tamra under the bus to Shannon at the end of the season.

Emily has known Shannon for two seconds and thinks she can diagnose Shannon mentally unstable? Omg! Now Gina is throwing Shannon under the bus, saying Shannon was afraid she was going to lose her kids! Now this is all about a custody battle with Shannon? Gina just said Shannon is an open book of bullshit? She annoys me!

Gina says she honestly feels bad for Shannon. Like when? Now she’s crying and making it about her. Like Gina, I don’t care. You look gross crying. Please stop. I still don’t think you’re sad. I still don’t think you care. I still think you’re boring. I love that Shannon just dismisses her.

Yikes, Shannon said she accepted Gina and Emily’s apologies, but didn’t give them an apology lol. Hmm…everyone ends things cordial but post reunion everything has changed. I’m disappointed with Part 3. Maybe I need to rewatch this?

Wow, I’m pretty proud of all of these, “biggest regrets”. Can’t wait to see if they switch up next season, I have a sad fear it will be the same cast. Please bring back the ladies from Season 3?!



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