Top Chef – S16 E2 Bourbon, Barrels and Burgoo

Top Chef – S16 E2 Bourbon, Barrels and Burgoo

Yaaaaayyyy Gail is in this episode! Woohoo! And she super preg! Lol! Going to be very hungry I assume! Lol.

I’m really excited about this season of cheftestants! My 4 favs are following me on IG! Love the support. This is the first time I have been able to blog about Top Chef, so I’m grateful for the acknowledgment.

Not sure how I feel about this dorky skinny girl. I know everything about that sentence was politically incorrect. The poor lady has probably been dealing with bullies her whole life. Will she go home this episode? I can usually predict who will be on top and who will be on the bottom by the middle of the episode. You can usually tell by who they interview/foreshadow.

Wannabe Tom’s never planted before?! Come on. Omg, Eric just said he has a black thumb! And he’s verrrry black lol! At least he said it!

The quickfire challenge is themed by inspiration for Gail’s new baby. Damnit! Hottie Eric is pregnant and his wife is about to pop! Damnit, the good ones are always taken! 😉 That or gay! Lol.

I like Pablo, he seems like a pretty cool guy! Lol. He’s funny and seems cool, we’ll see.

Damnit! Brandon is for sure married and in love! He said he’s not ready for kids yet though, so that’s good! There’s still hope! Jk jk!!! Come on people, he’s just eye candy!

Awweeeee David admits he has a crush on Gail! The kitchen looked at him like he was a freak? Gail is a babe! I have a feeling she will show up to eat these quickfire meals after all! Lol.


Omg this dorky chef (I think his name is Kevin?) almost made me tear up talking about his daughter arriving @ 27 weeks. Damnnnn I’m kind of into this Eddie guy. He’s hot. I hope he doesn’t go home. Seems like he might be on the bottom the way they are editing his footage.

Omg, Kelsey just had a baby a few months ago and she’s on Top Chef! Not to mention, she looks incredible! I love her! Definitely want her to go to the finale! Lol! David just told Gail’s friend to, give her his best! Lol! Brown nose! Jk.

All the chefs are sent to Maker’s Mark for Bourbon tasting. They’re all drinking and having fun, but I have a feeling Padma’s about to turn the corner. Here she comes, hopefully they’re not drunk!

Elimination Challenge has begun! Family style meal that is Kentucky inspired! All of my favs are on the same team aside from David. Geeeezus this Asian chick is tough, I’ll get her name in a second, she’s the one that was a biotch to Brandon last week (already don’t like her- Nini is her name). Seems like there’s a little tension on the red team. They’ll probably lose. Idk though, the girl from Kentucky really wants to win!

Ugh oh, someone’s dish is going to be fucked! Eddie spent 1/3 of the budget on lamb. I have a feeling Natalie is going home. We’ll see though, she’s either going home, or winning. Lol. Holy crap. I cannot believe this.

Competition is starting! Pablo is pissed because he has zero ingredients…is Pablo on the bottom? Looks like he was probably crying in his confessional. We’ll see how Kentucky native soup beans girl does, sorry I always miss their names and it’s too soon in the season to know them all! Lol.

Oh no, I’m nervous for Eric. He needs oranges, call Shannon Beador! Justin the potheads corn fell on the floor and now he has no corn for his recipe! OMG! Now Kelsey said she’s stressed?! Wtf is happening with my cheftestants?!

Nini is stepping it up and helping her team. I am starting to like her. She’s tough.

I love that this is at Makers Mark! This is so cool lol. Black team is presenting their dishes, I still think Pablo and Natalie are going to be on the bottom. Oh nooooo they didn’t like Kelsey’s dish? Brandon’s was bad too?! OMG! The judges liked Eric’s dish, so at least one of my favs is OK. Tom didn’t like Natalie’s dish, saw that coming.

Here comes the red team. Hoping David does well. I feel like the black team did pretty bad overall. Everyone loved Sara’s beans, she’s the Kentucky native.

David won the quickfire, but hottie Brandon was right behind him! Red team won the eliminaton challenge. Nini is crying and she didn’t even find out if she was on top yet. Omg Nini won, kind of surprised. Guess that’s what happens when you’re a boss bitch.

Uh oh, I think Pablo’s in trouble…and Natalie. Per my assumption. Oh man, Kelsey’s in trouble too…and Brandon! Yikes. Not sure on this. I think Pablo is going home. Oh wow, Natalie is the one going home. She seemed like she was going home in her interview, but Pablo looked more upset. I’m kind of bummed for her. Going to see what happens in Last Chance Kitchen!

Natalie made it through Last Chance Kitchen.

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