RHOD – S3 E17 Reunion Part 1

Kameron Westcott, LeeAnne Locken, Cary Deuber, Stephanie Hollman, Brandi Redmond and D’Andra Simmons Real Housewives of Dallas – S3 E17 Reunion Part 1

Watching the ladies get ready for the reunion is getting me SO PUMPED!! Andy Cohen, “The Reunion Starts Now”, what I hear, “Your life starts now”.

Omg, I love Cary. She just commented on her, “athlete phase” and said her 20s and 30s were good to her. Lol.

Oh god, first comment under the breath happened, Brandi, about LeeAnne. Lol. Uh! Going through all these highlights from the season is making me sad! I don’t want it to end!!

Stephanie makes me lol! Omg I can’t believe Andy just asked LeeAnne is she has ever been a stripper.

Kameron recap! Not going to lie, she grew on me this season! Last season, she was my least fav. Drama/no fun wise. This season she came around!

Yessss, I can’t wait to dive in on all these juicy topics! Holy crap! Taylor Swift rented Kameron’s place out!

Talking about the queen B comments now. LeeAnne said D said the ladies wouldn’t have a show unless D was on it. Brandi is denying it. I believe LeeAnne. Omg, you can hear D’Andra’s voice shaking as she speaks, she’s burning up inside. This topic bothers the SHIT out of her.

D is about to reveal the secret she’s held for 2 years about LeeAnne! This is what they have been plugging over and over in the previews. Supposedly, LeeAnne warned D not to come on the show because, “Cary plans to fat shame you”. Yesssss!! Cary just told LeeAnne to shut the fuck up! So that she can go ahead and take this conversation over. Cary is furious! She’s clearly hurt! She said D’Andra is, the “dumb bitch” who believed her. Yikes Cary!! Wow, that backfired! I wonder how rocked D’Andra is right now. They’re trying to talk about she and Brandi’s relationship and she seems very distracted, now she looks like she is going to cry! lol. Cary is soooo upset.

The truth comes out, LeeAnne doesn’t trust Brandi. I think we all knew that, but at least she cleared it up. We’re talking about ehe only real drama Kameron caused, saying the baby bashing comments. Well…Andy quickly nipped that in the butt.

Oh god, now Kameron is saying she (Stephanie) shouldn’t joke about fertility. Idk if I’d take it that far, but she has a right to express her feelings. I feel like Brandi had the right to keep it to herself and whoever she wanted to share it with. But that was Brandi in the beginning of the season, when I liked her more.

Talking about Stephanie’s season now. I was shocked that Stephanie opened up about depression and how alcohol affects her mentality! Seeing her go through this was so reassuring that I am not alone. My ex made me feel horrible about my past with him. I was in the same situation. Grateful for her courage!

What do you think? Has LeeAnne changed this season? Idk if she’s changed, but I do think she’s gotten better at holding back the cray. Idk about this wedding. Omg, LeeAnne is going to two therapist? Go girl! Umm…why is it any of D’s business who her therapist is? Omg, I am hattttting D’Andra right now. I’m not going to lie, she’s the one I want to see gone! Idk why the fans like her this season? I liked her initially, but toward the middle of the season she started to annoy the shit out of me. Now this reunion, she looks so bad! Please get rid of her!!!…and her mom.

Wow, D’Andra needs to Takkkkkke a Xannnnnnaxxx!!! Wow, D’Andra texted talking shit about alllllll the ladies to Kam and deleted the text. Brandi believes Kam, but said it “doesn’t bother her”, probably because at this point, other than Stephanie, D is her only friend. Holy shit!! D is losing it!!

Lol, call AT&T right now, Kam says.

Even Stephanie has LeeAnne’s back!! So, into this. Listen, I know LeeAnne is the crazy one! But we need her! I love her! RHOD would NOT be the same without LeeAnne, sorry!

Yikes, going through the alcoholic part now. This looks really bad. Lol!! I still love you LeeAnne! Lol. Fav LeeAnne, is crazy/trouble starting LeeAnne.

Andy is clearly telling Brandi that she is the one that clearly started the fight with LeeAnne in the finale. That’s the only way Brandi admits yes, she may have encouraged it. Talking about LeeAnne hissing like a weirdo!! Cary is hilarious! I love her. She might be my new fav RHOD housewife. Used to be Steph, Steph is kind of boring in comparison with Cary right now (no offense Steph, still love ya). Holy shit Brandi, take a chill pill!!

Ugh, I feel like Stephanie and Brandi’s relationship is on thin ice. I could be wrong. At this point, Brandi might want to consider leaving the show to save their friendship.

LeeAnne is explaining why she used the word alcoholic, and honestly she sounds pretty ignorant. LeeAnne just said she believes that Brandi likes to get drunk. Stephanie is stepping in and having Brandi’s back. Love her. LeeAnne just apologized AGAIN to Brandi. She said she won’t say that again. Who believes her? Lol.

Uh oh, now I’m worried about LeeAnne. She admitted to lying a lot…Andy doesn’t seem to like it. Can’t wait for Part 2!

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