RHOC – S13 E20 Reunion Part 2

Vicki Gunvalson, Shannon Beador, Kelly Dodd, Tamra Judge & Gina Kirschenheiter Real Housewives of Orange County – S13 E20 Reunion Part 2

Everyone is team Kelly, but I am Team Vicky, lol. Love her, idc even if she is lying! Lol, and I don’t think she is. Omg, right away in the beginning she said she’s sorry for, “repeating a rumor” lol. Just own it Vicki. Kelly just said that Vicky hurt her feelings when she said the “dumped a millionaire for a billionaire” comment. Now it’s a you hurt me so I hurt you situation. Like grasping much, Kelly? Seems like they resolved that issue? So why is Kelly causing drama now? Trying to stay relevant?

Shannon’s divorce. That was rougggh. She had a serious roller coaster of a season! On to QVC woot woot. Wow, awkward! Shannon just admitted her daughters like David’s new girlfriend! Woooooow, Shannon is listing down the info that has changed in David’s life. Probably pregnant, kids liking her better, starting to ask questions about her, it’s getting back to David, a new gated community, etc. This is touggggh to watch. Tamra told her to give her daughters space. I hope they don’t isolate her. She’d prob kill herself (which would be horrible)!

Shannon looks amazing, go girl. Maybe she’ll be the Porsha of next season! Lol. Ugh, recapping the season. Tamra had so many great looks!! I thought Vicki was hilarious, personally. Kelly was obnoxious. Emily was nice but boring. Gina was annoying and def has the worst housewife style.

Ugh, recapping the season makes me sad! Lol. I can’t believe I’m saying that! I didn’t think it was that great. Yesssss, they just showed proof that Emily is the ONE who said abuse!! Gina is coming at Shannon for no reason about this. Omg, I’m so sick of Gina’s voice. Ugh, Gina SHUT UP!!

Wowwww Gina is calling Shannon out on her shit! She is all over her. Like I love it, but hate it, because it’s coming from Gina. Also, I love Shannon (right now), idc. Go away Gina!

Omg Kelly’s face when they are talking about Shane. She looks soooo uncomfortable! He had a tough season, lol. Oh God, we’re talking about her mom. Great. Sounds like her mom is doing better. Tamra is like, umm…we thought she was going to be way worse.

Pfff Gina just said it was good to see Shane act more compassionate toward her about the loss of their children. Like ya right, I got serious cold shoulder vibes. This is so hard to believe, Emily said Shane actually hits on her all the time, because Tamra mentioned he always turns away from her kisses on camera. Emily got a bunch of crap about her body image. Yes, I might have said she was surprisingly bigger on the very first episode, but that’s it. She looks great. Go Emily!…even though you’re boring and probably won’t last next season.

Eddie recap. Glad he’s finally healthy! Tamra’s boobs are looking good! Tamra and Shannon weren’t talking during her birthday party and she didn’t attend. Vicki didn’t go either because Kelly was there. I’m sure she was also semi siding with Shannon. Shannon said it was after the comments Tamra made (talking with her mom) about Shannon not paying the water bill.

Wow, Shannon just said she was dating a guy during the show and he was a huge jerk to her. Gina’s upset because they set up the dating service. Like, chill out Gina. Now Tamra is calling Shannon a victim. Like why is this coming out now? Better late than never? Idk. This is rough Tamra. This is clearly Attack Shannon Part 1.

Finally! We get to talk about the Shane thing next week, the only fun thing Kelly contributed. More tears from Shannon.

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