RHOA – S11 E5 Tatted Tales

Cynthia Bailey, Porsha Williams, Nene Leakes, Eva Marcilla & Shamari Devoe Real Housewives of Atlanta – S11 E5 Tatted Tales

Eva has been thirsty AF this season and Shamari’s husband was straight shady calling out Kandi last week. I think Kandi and Porsha are going to discuss Dennis tonight, but we’ll see. Can’t believe the Twitter drama between Nene and Greg this week! So public!

Porsha’s mom is meeting Dennis. Omg, her mom just brought up Porsha’s eggs! Lol! Omg awkwardddd they both just said they’re locked in with matching tattoos. They’re talking about Cordell! Yessss, love these memories of him. He was horrible! She was sooo skinny! Lol. Love looking back at that Porsha, so not her. I am happy she found someone!! Please let this be me soon!! She is so fing lucky!

Kandi is spilling the tea to the ladies about Dennis (Nene, Marlo and Cynthia). Omgggggg this is pouring out!! Nene made the decision they’re not going to tell Porsha. I highly doubt that Marlo is going to be able to keep this between them!

Eva’s mother is in town to go wedding dress shopping. She is already being so extra lol. Eva only has one girlfriend and her mom there. Where are her other friends? Lol. Yikes, Eva’s mom is brutal. I don’t blame her for being annoyed.

Shamari’s husband seems extra. Idk if I like him. Shamari is informing him that she told the ladies they had an open relationship 6 years ago, and he’s upset. He immediately asks her if she was drinking? Like are you kidding me? I hate men sometimes (most of the time). Lol.

Omg, this mom situation is horrible for Eva. I don’t blame her for being annoyed. I can’t believe she’s not freaking out more. I feel bad for her. Omg, she is crying at the table because her mom is forcing her to invite more people and she’s paying for it all on her own! Her mom doesn’t even understand. So Eva walked away and her mom doesn’t care. Wow, now Eva says she doesn’t want to argue with her. Now they’re apologizing? Annoying.

Nene and Greg are trying to eat better and live a healthier lifestyle. Greg can’t handle the fact that the food is green. Sorry, I’m a little annoyed of Greg right now because of the public Twitter fight. Keep that shit to yourselves. Greg just got bad news, he tested positive for cancer cells and the doctors are recommending he starts chemo. Praying for Greg always.

Shamari’s twin’s bday party is starting. They’re spending 10k on the party. Marlo attends, but it’s not her child. Omg Kandi is giving $150 to the twins for their bday! Geezus. I guess that’s nothing to her, but still. Very generous! Awe, Ace looks so cute! Lol, lovvvvve Kandi.

Shamari said she got weird vibes from Porsha when she invited her to the party. They played back the clip and ya, it was shady. Oh man, Kandi is throwing Eva under the bus. Even though Shamari witnessed it? So I’m confused…

I’m worried about Eva now lol! Yikes, Eva just sat down and they are coming after her. They just showed back the clip and both of them clearly showed they were throwing shade and Shamari was well aware.

Kandi is talking to Todd and Don Juan about the Porsha situation and OMG! Porsha freaked out on Dennis and then Dennis was calling people about it and it got back to Kandi. One of the ladies at lunch told her, we just don’t know who yet!

Okay, it’s about to go downnn. Oh god, awkwarddddd Porsha and Kandi are there first. Sooo weirdddd. Finally, Cynthia and Nene show up. Oh wow, Cynthia is opening a wine cellar lol, Bailey Cellar. Love her. She just admitted she knows nothing about wine! Lol. Just another business to add to her resume, what now Eva? Lol. Awe, Kandi is trying to look out for her and ask if she’s done her research.

Now it’s going downnnn. Kandi addresses the elephant in the room with Porsha. Yikes. Awkkkkward Kandi is like sticking by what she’s heard. Porsha brings up the tattoo and the ladies are surprised, lol. Porsha seems pretty cray about Dennis and I do think they’re relationship is legit. I understand Kandi’s concerns though and I love the drama!

OMG next week’s episode looks amazing! Porsha and Kandi are meeting up to talk and it looks like Kandi is the one hyped up. Some chick flips out at a dinner table in front of everyone, new housewife? Lastly, Porsha tells Dennis she’s pregnant! I wonder if she trapped him?! They were sooooo new when she got preg! Def honeymoon phase and with all the info Kandi had. Idk. Now, I’m concerned…

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