RHONJ – S9 E4 Housewives & Heifers

Dolores Cantina, Margaret Josephs, Teresa Guidice, Melissa Gorga, Jackie Goldschneider & Jennifer Raydin Real Housewives of New Jersey – S9 E4 Housewives & Heifers

This Jennifer chick is obsessed with saying she loves Channel, no one cares. Newsflash it’s Jovani for housewives. Get with it. Lol.

Melissa said she’s made up with Teresa in front of all the ladies. It was kind of awkward. She told Joe about her convo w Teresa and he’s pissed. Go figured.

All this Jennifer chick does is brag, she’s so annoying. I agree with Margaret.

The girls are playing 2 truths and a lie and its amazing. Dolores made up that she had sex with Frank, no one believed it. New girl Jennifer just admitted she’s shit her pants before. Like girl, you’re on national television. Lol. At least she’s being real?

Jackie, Melissa and Margaret are talking about how weird Jennifer is. She checks her nannies bags randomly! Lol, the ladies are deciding to give her a chance!

Omg, Marg’s friend Polly registered all of the ladies in a cow show! This is going to get weird. I can’t see any of the women doing this?!

Wow, this Jennifer girl is badddd. She is seriously rude when it comes to talking about the size of the trailer. Jennifer talked again about pooping! I am concerned about her health.

Yikes, Margaret just whispered under her breathe about Jennifer living next to a cemetery and she owned it lol.

The ladies are getting ready for the cow show. Omg, this Jennifer girl is sooo annoying, lol. I wonder how many people she’s had to block so far for talking shit.

Well Jackie won. Which means Jennifer doesn’t have to sleep in the trailer.

Joe is out to dinner with his dad and Nono is straight up telling him he never spends time with him and all he is doing is blaming Teresa. Like wtf. Teresa has nothing to do with it! Oh gosh, Jennifer is acting like a prude and refusing to dance with the cowboys. She said it won’t go over well with her family.

Uh oh, Melissa is checking in on Joe. Melissa just said Joe tries to spend just as much time with her mother as she does with his father. Like um…it’s not about your mom? Hello.

Melissa just came up and announced the news to Teresa, lol. Teresa’s like grrrrreat. All the ladies are talking about how pretentious Jennifer is. Teresa is kind of defending Jennifer a little in her confessional. Didn’t expect that.

Omg, awkward. Jennifer is yelling about her bathrooms during Margaret’s speech. This girl really wants someone to flip on her. Polly came out, they all discussed how rude she is and now she’s saying she’s glad she came! Literal 360.

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