RHOD – S3 E16 Party Fouls

Brandi Redmond, Kameron Westcott, LeeAnne Locken, Cary Deuber, Stephanie Hollman and D’Andra Simmons Real Housewives of Dallas – S3 E16 Party Fouls

So sad this is the final episode of season 3! Omg, I just wish RHOD and RHONY were on year round! Can we please make that happen? I am not ready for this. Lol.

So excited for Travis’s going away college party! Lol. Brandi is helping Stephanie plan the party. God I love them! Not sure what I’m going to do for the next year. Lol.

Wow, Rich is Noooooot acting like he wants to get married. All he does is make negative jokes. That would not make me feel secure. Awe, now he’s turning his attitude around and being cute. Omg they picked a date! I’m shocked and they even shook on it! Lol. Awkward. Idk if I believe LeeAnne wants to get married, I mean I know, that’s stupid. But seriously, she’s just acting weird about it, kind of similar to Gina’s vibes over her divorce. Lol.

Okay, D is getting her mom’s company. Honestly, I don’t really care. I’m over her. She’s the least exciting to me. She seems spoiled still to this day and like an alcoholic! Jk. Lol!!

LeeAnne and Kameron are meeting up to shop for Travis’s frat party. Loving Kam’s skirt (pink w pinnapples). It looks like they’re at Francesca’s, which is my fav store. Lol. Kam said she thinks Brandi was holding on to the phone, but didn’t necessarily steal it. LeeAnne is calling Brandi stupid and Kam agreed, but then she’s like whoops probably shouldn’t agree. No one has called LeeAnne after last episode. She’s angry. Lol.

Omg Stephanie’s house is insaneeeee! I love her! Go Girl! Brandi is in her HIGH SCHOOL uniform! Yesssss queen (oops, sorry D). OMG! Stephanie. That’s really all I can say. Lol!

Hmm…I guess Kam called Brandi to let her know that LeeAnne was not serious. Brandi is getting pissed because she doesn’t think that was funny and says it’s illegal. Now Stephanie and Brandi are saying that Kam is scared of LeeAnne and being honest with her. I kind of agree that Kam seems to hide certain opinions from LeeAnne, but I do think she genuinely cares for LeeAnne!

Umm…LeeAnne is copying Kam’s outfit. She’s going to go buy it and said they could be, “twins”. Lol. That’s not how that happens girl. Lol.

I think D might have just made a joke about drinking and driving? But I’m not sure. Definitely didn’t mention the word drinking, just said she was in college and went over a mountain. Lol. Butttt she’s not an alcoholic. Oh god, now D is upset about LeeAnne’s comment at her fashion show. Aweee Jeremy is being cute! He’s a babe.

Lol, Mark just asked Cary if he looked stupid walking in to the frat party. He is so cute haha! I love Cary’s hair!! Lol, Stephanie just made a joke about her wearing converse.

D just annoyed she got her mom’s company and the girls had a moment. LeeAnne and Kam have arrived. All the girls are ripping the twinning thing apart and I loved all of their comments. Omg! There is another rando girl with the same outfit on! Lol.

Yesss, Stephanie is starting the convo with LeeAnne. LeeAnne is admitting she made up the cloning thing in defense to Brandi stealing her phone! Omg Brandi just said she “loves” Kameron..kind of think that’s an exaggeration a bit? Prob the jello shots. We are all starting to like Kam more though. She was my least fav last year, this year, top 5? Lol!

Oh god, now Brandi is losing it on Kam, chill out Brandi. Take a chill pill. I know she’s upset, but she needs to take a breather. The girls are talking about everything and LeeAnne is rigghhht behind them! She’s with Stephanie though, I think talking about the same thing!

Oh man, Stephanie reallllly wants Brandi to talk to LeeAnne. OMG!!! It’s going down for real!!! All the ladies are losing it on LeeAnne. Brandi is kicking LeeAnne out! Mark is smiling! He’s loving it! LeeAnne looks like a crazy person on her face, she looks like a dog or something about to attack!

Wow, I actually feel bad for LeeAnne. She’s having a moment and loses it and falls on the ground. Cary poured out her drink on the ground lol.

I feel like every season ends with LeeAnne having no friends. I’m always concerned if she’ll be back next season, and she always is. So who will they have next season? It’s going to have to be someone on team LeeAnne.

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