Below Deck – S6 E9 Insult to injury

Caroline Bedol, Kate Chastain, Josiah Carter, Ross Ina, Rhylee Gerber Ashton Pienaar & Captain Lee Rosbach – Below Deck – S6 E9 Insult to injury

I’m thinking this is the episode where a member of the crew gets hurt (I think it might be Ashton from the previews). I thought initially someone was going to get fired, but based off of the title, now I’m not 100%. Caroline has been tweeting up a storm about this week’s episode, so I’m excited to see what happens! Per usual.

Well, Captain Lee fired Chandler (right away). I am honestly kind of surprised. Wow! Chandler said he’s relieved. Of course he did though, he’d never admit to being embarrassed about getting fired. Captain Lee said he wants Chandler to walk away with a good feeling? lol. I’m actually surprised Chandler is taking this so well.

The way Chandler told the crew is so fake. He’s acting like it was his choice and he’s completely OK with it. Now, I’m confused, Kate and Captain Lee are acting like it was Chandler’s choice to leave. Omg he is soooo douchey. I can’t handle him, boy bye.

Oh God, Caroline is now sick? Are you kidding me?! Holy crap! She is so annoying.

Ross is handling shit, like the Bosun he is. Now Captain Lee is calling Ross up to talk. He is promoting him to Bosun (officially) already said the workload is fine for him, zero complaints. Captain Lee told him to make him proud as he walked out of the cabin, no pressure.

OMG!!!! Caroline said Kate has been ABUSING HER all season?! Because she put her ice cream away when she’s supposed to be working! Like are you kidding me?! Yes, hoping she explodes! She is calling Ashton aside to talk! Like omg Caroline. You have zero friends. Lol. She said they are pals! Just because he’s the last one around that’s nice to you doesn’t mean you’re friends…desperate. She just called Kate a Bipolar bitch!? Are you kidding me? Seems like Kate is 100% herself all the time, not “bi” polar. Lol. Ugh, I can’t handle her negativity. Like Ashton doesn’t want to hear it!

Lol! Caroline isn’t going out, she wants to “chat” w the crew. Omg, she said she wants to give them her two-day notice! Well, that’s a bummer. I wanted to hate her a little longer this season. I’m kind of surprised she’s quitting, but I guess not really when I think about it? She gives off quitter vibes and I don’t mean cigs!

Wow, Caroline is crazzzzzzy!!!! Yes!! Kate is angry! I am sooo pumped! Meanwhile, the rest of the crew is cheers-ing and laughing their asses off! God, I love this show! Can’t wait to see who Captain Lee called in (side footage shows him calling someone for deckcrew duty). The crew’s out having fun. Ashton is taking a girl back and Rhylee is getting jel.

Lol omg! Now Rhylee is starting a fight with Kate? Is she going to quit too?! Lol omgah she went into Caroline’s cabin and told her she understands and gave her a hug! Don’t be so pathetic Rhylee! I was starting to like her.

Omg, Caroline. Now she’s saying she won’t work at all (after giving her 2 day commitment) and being rude AF to Josiah. She looks horrrrrrible! Omg, looks like Kate is about to freak out, finally! I don’t blame her!

Wow, Caroline is refusing to work and wants to sleep in bed all day. Kate asked her to leave, she had the door locked, did not open the door at all, won’t talk to them. Yes, they took it too far with the music (playing rage music outside of her doorway), but how else are they supposed to get her to leave? Just FYI, she still hasn’t packed…

Lol!! The version she just told Captain Lee was completely false!! She didn’t even mention ANYTHING about how it happened and FYI she was the one who initiated an unprofessional exit! Before leaving she forced him to hug her! Lol, here come the daddy issues again. She’s finally packed, what seems like hours later. She said she feels bad for Kate and Josiah! They have great lives, don’t waste your time feeling bad for them sweety.

Lol, I love the updated crew. Oh man, now Rhylee is the one they’re talking about. Makes sense, but she created this. Adrian, Ross and Kate look hungover AF in this meeting with Captain Lee. Captain Lee still hasn’t talked to Kate about the Caroline situation. Oh man, Kate is making me a little nervous about the upcoming charter guests.

I feel so bad for Josiah and Kate. They are busting their asses. I know the deck crew is working hard too, it’s just that they at least have 3 people!

Okay, here comes the talk with Kate (and Captain Lee). He said Caroline wrote down everything that happened and it seemed pretty terrible. Hopefully she can enlighten him? I’m a little scared for Kate. Hmm…that was a little awkward! She didn’t really explain anything, just said her piece and they moved on. Can’t wait for them to talk about it at the reunion!

OMG! The new charter guests have arrived and the guest announces she told everyone to expect the trip of a lifetime! Holy crap. Lol, I’m so nervous for the crew! Looks like I was wrong about the injury call out in the beginning of this post! The injury was Caroline being sick? She’s brutal, I don’t want to write about her anymore.

Oh gosh, now Rhylee is complaining to Ross (just slightly), saying she can add more value. It’s like girl, do you have to annoy everyone? Can we just chill a sec? Like, this is good news, Ross is your boss now!

Lol! Kate at the waterfall is hilarious! I love her!

Omg, this is going downhill fast! Kate arrived first, enjoyed the waterfall for what seemed like 2 mins? All of a sudden Adrian is there with the food and being extra AF, haven’t seen him like this before. He’s expecting everything to have been ready. Like Kate’s God or something? They just realized there’s no gas for the BBQ. Adrian radio’d back to Ross letting him know. He is turning around to pick up the gas, (which is probably a good thing, so Kate can get lunch set up) and the guest goes, uh oh we aren’t prepared, or something along those lines. In other words, not good!

Well, guests have arrived. Gas is on site. Everything is good to goooooo! This crew is amazing. They can do anything (now). Let’s be real, it’s because of Kate. Lol. Kate the bully.

Omg, Rhylee is causing drama again! My god. She is too much. Well, looks like there’s still one crew member left to be annoyed of. Ross is trying to touch base with Rhylee and she’s freaking out! She just always swears and it makes people uncomfortable.

Oh god! Previews show Ross going after Rhylee for a kiss. Ewww! He’s so small compared to her! Holy crap that was so scary!!! Previews for next week! Please don’t die Ashton! (even though we know he doesn’t) Thank God! Wow, that was a lot to absorb in one episode! I love Below Deck!

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