RHOA – S11 E4 Pass The Peach, Throw The Shade

Marlo Hampton, Eva Marcillo, Kandi Burruss Real Housewives of Atlanta – S11 E4 Pass The Peach, Throw The Shade

Can’t wait to see what Dennis buys Porsha this episode! Lol. Last week we met the new housewife, Shamari. Tonight we meet another new housewife, idk her name yet though. Porsha confirmed on last week’s WWHL, she and Kandi are Not friends, just for the record.

Kandi and Todd are talking to Doctor Jackie (Married2Med) about having a surrogate. Kind of cray since their daughters just told them the other day, don’t do it! Kandi and Todd are talking about having two babies at once?! They slightly acknowledged Riley’s concerns for about two seconds lol.

Eva time. Wonder what kind of shade she’ll be throwing now. Eva seems very extra. Lol. Eva just said she’s “not the typical bride” and, “doesn’t really care what they do”. Um…I find that hard to believe. Lol. Eva wants Nene to make a speech @ the wedding, because she is the sister she always wanted. Girl, you better check the feelings mutual, lol.

Porsha is meeting Dennis’s mom. She bought her a birthday present, a LV wallet. So that scored points. Awkward, can’t tell if Dennis’s mom likes her or not. I think she’s scared they’re moving too fast.

I feel bad, but I just don’t like Cynthia and her boo as much as Porsha and Dennis.

Shamari is throwing a birthday party for her boys and you know it’s going to be over the top!

Hmm..Shamari’s mother in law is tough. She seems like a lot to handle.

Cynthia is preparing for a BBQ @ Lake Bailey. Holy crap this food looks amazing! Cynthia’s place is verrrry nice! But the lake looks a little green and I cannot stand geese! Which she has everywhere…Eva asked Nene to be in her wedding and I guess she said yes. Nene is telling Marlo and Cynthia about it before everyone else arrives. Cynthia told them that she overheard Eva has been talking crap about her, which Marlo confirmed.

Here’s the new housewife, Tanya. Apparently she knows Nene, so that’s good. Oh wow, she shops at Swag. Nene is a Sagittarius, just like me!

Uh oh, Porsha just told Shamea about what Eva said about her. I’m not surprised, that’s like her best friend. We’ll see how this goes down. Kandi didn’t like what she said either. I don’t get why she hates her?

The food that Dennis sent to the party is amazing! So jel of Porsha!

The girls are playing, “pass the peach”. This is scandalous! Go Cynthia! Marlo just said Eva is the biggest liar of the group! Eva looks shocked.

The ladies are calling out Eva on talking about Shemea. Now Cynthia is turning things on her. Ouch, the ladies are throwing major shade @ Shamari’s styling, and I don’t blame them. It’s terrible.

Soooo…apparently Sharmi was in an open relationship and got had relationships with two different women? Of course she did.

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