RHOC – S13 E19 Reunion Part 1

Kelly Dodd, Shannon Beador, Tamra Judge, Gina Kirschenheiter, Emily Simpson & Vicki Gunvalson Real Housewives of Orange County – S13 E19 Reunion Part 1

Okay, everyone knows this by now, but Kelly is threatening to quit RHOC is Vicki is allowed to come back, after Vicki accuses her of using coke during the reunion.

I think this life insurance policy on Don is hilarious! Vicki said she considers it her alimony lol. The Mexico trip was so fun. I loved seeing tres amigas together. I keep joking maybe there can be a tres amigas spin off?

I can’t believe how long Andy’s hair was at last year’s reunion! Umm…Vicki is talking about Mexico and all of a sudden Gina jumps in talking about her bday party. Like, it’s not about you Gina. Wow, now Kelly is jumping in calling Vicki a hypocrite over and over.

Hmm weird, Emily just said she thinks Steve and Vicki are good together, and Kelly came at her, like she’s so offended Emily would say that. Okay, now we’re talking too much about Steve and Vicki, no one cares. Vicki just told Kelly she needs to relax, the reunion just started. Kelly is clearly on a mission.

Okay, back to Vicki and Steve. Tamra insisted all season Vicki was trying to convince Steve to marry her and everyone else that they were madly in love. Tres amigas think Vicki and Steve will get married. Kelly doesn’t think they’ll ever marry. Emily says she admires Vicki’s relationship. Where is this coming from Emily? I’m confused, didn’t realize she was such a Vicki fan.

Andy just compared Vicki’s relationship with Brooks to the Dirty John show on Bravo. They are plugging this show so hardcore. Vicki said she’s going after Brooks. Wow, Vicki just admitted she wished she wouldn’t have left Don for Brooks, because being with him was hell. Lol.

Oh great, now we’re talking about Gina. Gina was the first to call herself a circus act. Does that mean she’s admitting she’s a clown? Umm..Emily is drying her eyes at the reunion during Gina’s divorce clip…awkward.

Damn, Shannon looks good! Go girl. Ugh, Gina’s earrings are so ugly. OMG! She said they STILL haven’t told her kids they’re divorced! Omg! Gina is still in denial about her child Nick understanding their house situation. Gina said Matt never told her he loved her, like what the hell? Kind of hard to believe. Idk, this whole thing just seems like such a joke.

Okay, let’s change the subject. This is depressing, but not even really. On to Vicki vs. Kelly. Here it goes. So Kelly and Vicki and Michael and Steve don’t speak anymore. Vicki just told Kelly Michael said being with Kelly was 14 years of hell, lol.

Kelly and Vicki are just going back and forth at each other.  I think it’s kind of weird that Tamra is nodding her head along with what Kelly is saying about Vicki and Steve. Vicki just said the coke comment. I feel like Kelly is making it bigger than what it was.

Oh God, now Kelly is crying. Vicki is saying she’s sorry, but I don’t really believe her. Now Vicki is changing the subject and talking about something else. Vicki is on a rant. Kelly is screaming at Vicki calling her a liar. I’m bored.

I’m so confused, Vicki said she said Kelly did coke because she said she was fat? Lol. Pathetic. Okay, part one is over, it was alright, just like the season.


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