RHONJ – S9 E3 The Jersey Breakfast Club

Teresa Guidice, Melissa Gorga, Margaret Josephs, Dolores Cantina, Jackie Goldschneider & Jennifer Raydin Real Housewives of New Jersey – S9 E3 The Jersey Breakfast Club

Okay, so going into this episode, the new housewife, Jennifer, posted on IG, that if you say anything negative about her or her family, you will be blocked on social media. It’s kind of annoying, but whatever. Omg, Dorinda just asked Frank where Oklahoma was. Come on Dolores, I don’t believe that.

Awe, Marg is excited about Oklahoma! I love her!

Teresa is calling Joe to take check in on her dad while she’s in Oklahoma. Joe told Melissa she needs to tell Teresa joe is going to flip out on her and she needs to leave him alone. Melissa is like no, I’m not doing that, (but we see that she does).

Whoa, these girls are very high maintenance! Lol. Um…awkward. Teresa she said she didn’t want to go to OK when she was packing. and Melissa is in her confessional saying how she can sense Teresa is trying to start a fight with her from a mile away. I don’t see it? Yet…

Wow, Jen is so high maintenance that she’s going to sleep with Margaret instead of the camper, and they barely know each other.

Holy crap, kind of surprised Joe and Melissa went out of town on the one year anniversary of their mother’s death.

Okay, this Jennifer girl is annoying the crap out of me already…lol Marg is calling her a one upper.

Margaret just admitted she didn’t invite Danielle because of the recent drama. Something tells me that won’t help the situation. Dolores said it’s nice to have a drama free night! Don’t jinx it!

New girl Jackie had an eating disorder. She was so bad that she was weighing her children’s food. Are you kidding me? That is sick! Literally. Luckily, she is better now.

Omg I didn’t know how Melissa’s dad died. That’s so sad. She might have told us in the past, but I forgot. Apparently, a psychic told Melissa she has a third sister and there was a random lady crying at her dad’s funeral, so she doesn’t think it’s a coincidence. Teresa is pissed and just staring at her listening lol. She said she can’t believe she’s crying over a sister she doesn’t even know she has, when she can’t even prioritize her father. Yikes.

Teresa thinks Joe is choosing Melissa over her dad. Awkward. She just addressed it with Melissa in front of everyone. Melissa just wants her to talk to Joe, not be the middle man. Whoa, Dolores is now sticking up for Teresa! Kind of surprised she chimed in, but I like it! No more Siggy to latch on to. Holy crap, this got ugly. Melissa said Teresa has MORE time because Joe is in prison? How does that even make sense? Wow Melis is going in hard on T.

Oh wow, Jackie said She would have lost it on Teresa, does she know who she’s talking about?

Omg, love this little kid Sam. Lol, the girls fishing is hilarious. Jackie and Melissa went shooting. Melissa didn’t even end up shooting! So basicalllly, all she wants to do is vent?

Joe says all he cares about is family, and all he wants for his daughter is to be a stay at home wife. Are you serious? Lol!

I feel bad for Melis. She’s going to take a break and avoid T for a bit. Probably a good idea. Uh oh, looks like Teresa is about to flip on Jackie.

Omg yes. Dolores is noticing that Jackie is out of line and needs to chill.

Are we seriously doing this again? I’m glad Melissa and T are talking about it. But my god, haven’t we been here done this? Lol!! Teresa just said, I’m just going to accept her for how she is. Teresa said she just wants to sweep it under the rug, but Melis just wants Teresa to go straight to Joe. I don’t blame her.

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