RHONJ – S9 E2 Easter Egg Wives Hunt

Gia Guidice, Melissa Gorga, Nonno Real Housewives of New Jersey – S9 E2 Easter Egg Wives Hunt

OMG Gia is driving!!! Last week’s episode was great, but not a lot of drama. Which I need! Oh no! Joe is getting his wedding date on tattooed on his finger! That’s supposed to be bad juju! Joe is getting his tattoo done and he’s not even reacting! Lol. Marg is just continuing to talk about herself, not even asking him if it hurts lol! Love her.

Omg Melissa’s kids are sooooo freaking cute! Seriously! Teresa and Joe’s kids are gorgeous! Great jeans in the Gorga family.

Okay, so the new housewife Jackie is hanging out with Melissa and it looks like they’re getting along great. Omg I kind of like her…even though all she does is yell at her kids. Lol. Omg sounds like she has some serious critics! Omg these kids sound like terrors. Just another reminder, not sure I want children! Lol.

Okay, so Melissa is opening the convo talking about her bad history with Teresa, then saying she doesn’t want to go back there. Foreshadowing much?

Poor Gia has been forced to grow up, she probably doesn’t even have a normal teenager life! Seems like Nono is complaining a lot about Joe to Teresa. Which is definitely not far. Okay, great, now Teresa is foreshadowing she doesn’t want any problems!

Frank and Dolores are looking are rehab tile together. They flirt soooo much. Dolores and Frank seem to favor Marg this season, so that’s good.

Marg is hanging with Danielle. Marg looks good! You can tell she’s lost weight! Marg just told Danielle she was invited to a party of Dolores. Whoa, Danielle is coming at Marg hardcore. OMG low blow! Danielle is freaking out, but it seems verrrry fake. Maybe this is why she wasn’t asked back as a permanent. Or is she just this crazy? They told her to up the drama since last season, maybe that’s what we’re seeing? Now she’s crying? Come on. She just said all Marg has in common with Dolores is they’re both cheaters and Marg isn’t even upset! Lol.

Okay, the axe party has started! God, everyone is wearing Gucci these days! All the housewives! It’s the “new” Jovani!

Meeting the new housewife Jennifer. She seems OK. A little meh. Reminds me of Emily from OC, not really a compliment.

Marg is telling the girls she doesn’t want to post any pics at Dolores’ party because of Danielle. All the women are being supportive and Marg is showing an emotional side to the ladies. She’s inviting all of the ladies to an event she’d putting together to support children. Okay, this Jennifer girl is kind of annoying. Lol. Idk if she’s drunk or what?

Hmm…idk about Jennifer’s husband. He seems pretty controlling. At first I liked I’m, but then his reaction when she said she was going to go away for a whole weekend. Ugh oh, she’s saying if he doesn’t like it, tough. She better watch it, I predict she’ll be the next one divorced! All of her kids are chubby and not cute, sorry. Can we please make more cute rich kids? Like Teresa and Melissa’s? lol.

Yikes!!! Teresa’s trainer just told her she looked like garbage and she looks amazing! Haha, talk about tough love! Marg Sr. is getting a face lift, love her! They better take good care of Marg Sr.! Marg and Joe are so cute! Surgery went great. Omg Marg Sr. is trying to write out what she’s thinking in the air, Marg goes, I can’t see that! Lol.

Teresa is hosting Easter and Nono is pissed at Joe. Teresa straight up asks Joe if he is going to be around more for Nono, in front of everyone. Causing a fight. I understand where Teresa is coming from. Joe is making excuses, Teresa has to hear about it. It’s not fair. OMG now Joe is calling Teresa a son of a bitch. My brother better never talk to me like that! Plus, that’s him talking about HIS mother? He’s an idiot. Joe is a baby.

Yesss, Gia is coming in. Geezus. Gia is being the voice of reason? AND it’s still not enough. Wonder how Joe feels seeing this episode now? His father is in the hospital not doing well AT All. Prayers for Nono!




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