RHONJ – S9 E1 Wives and Misdemeanors

Melissa Gorga, Teresa Guidice, Margaret Josephs & Dolores Cantina Real Housewives of New Jersey  – S9 E1 Wives and Misdemeanors

Yasssss Jersey is back bitches! So excited! Can’t believe all the stuff going on with Joe Guidice! So glad Siggy is gone!! Okay, well they just flash forwarded 3 months and showed a ton of family drama between Teresa and Joe/Melissa. I hope it’s not too much.

Aweee Teresa! Yay, my fav! She is trying to hold down the house. The girls are a lot of work in the morning and she is there every step getting them to school! Her dad Nono is still living with them. Which I think is good for both of them!

Oh dear, second fav, Marg. She’s in bed with her husband. Lol. Already made me laugh. Holy crap, she hasn’t even updated her house! Come on Marg, what are you doing? Lol she wants a facelift. Wow, now we’re seeing them in the shower? This is TMI.

Wow, Dolores is bored, miserable. Hopefully she’ll get more exciting.

Melissa is looking Hot! Love her. Ugh oh, they’re talking about past birthday parties because Melissa is having a party for her 39th! Wow, go Melissa. She’s still doing it all.

Back to Teresa, yay. Bikini fitness competition, go girl. I am so proud of her. Joe doesn’t like it, but since he’s not around to tell her what to do, she’s doing it.

Hmm Dolores’ ex Frank didn’t tell her he was disbarred from Law. Andy asked her about it at the reunion and she didn’t even know! She was pissed but he said sorry. They’re rehabbing houses.

Dinner date between Marg, Melissa and they’re Joes. Dolores has been nice to Marg, so I guess maybe there’s a chance they could be friends? Hmm apparently, Danielle has been dropping gossip to the ladies about Dolores ex Frank. Trying to stir the pot already.

Teresa and Dolores are out to dinner, but T can’t eat anything because of her competition dieting. Teresa is telling Dolores about what Danielle said! Well at least she’s showing her loyalty.

It’s Melissa’s bday party and all the ladies are there. Joe’s trying to make Teresa drink, but she’s not giving in. She said she did a “fake” sip. Not sure what that is?

The new housewives are already in the episode! Seems like Melissa really likes Jackie. Dolores used to work with Jennifer’s husband.

Danielle hasn’t arrived yet, but it’s probably going to go down. Now she’s there. Oh and her then fiancé is with her. They are already divorced. Lol.

Dolores is avoiding her like the plague! Good idea. Aweee, Dolores and Margaret are bonding. So that makes me happy! No Siggy, no problem.

Melissa is wasted, but she’s having a great time! She is hilarious about being 39! I love it!





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