RHOD – S3 E15 Game of Phones

LeeAnne Locken, Cary Deuber, D’Andra Simmons & Kameron Westcott Real Housewives of Dallas – S3 E15 Game of Phones

Brandi just told LeeAnne no one trusts her. Cary said she’s trying to trust her, Kameron says it’s not fair. OMG Kameron just said that Brandi has an insecurity on her end! I love Kameron, I’m sorry. Geeeeeez Brandi. Truth comes out.

Awkward, LeeAnne just brought up Stephanie. Wow, she just said ALL of you are Fake bitches! Well, Brandi just went through a list of examples of all the things LeeAnne has done, and yes, she’s right. Wow, D said she doesn’t want to be in between LeeAnne and Brandi.

Awww, Stephanie said she agrees with Brandi! I’m surprised. Omg, D’Andra is going to go meet her. Cary is hilarious, I love her. Lol. I can’t believe D just left to go be with Brandi, she’s pathetic. I love that Kameron eats such bad food but she’s so skinny! Lol. Oh great, now Brandi says she feels betrayed. Like wtf, what about you being friends with LeeAnne last season?!

The ladies are back in the US. LeeAnne designed a dress that you can wear 175 different ways! She is hosting a fashion show and I cannot wait for the ladies to attend! Okay, I respect LeeAnne, because she just said she’s doing this to see if people will actually want to buy it.

Cary and Kam are meeting to catch up. They both agreed the vacation was a lot. I am loving Kam this season, not going to lie. Was not a fan last season, just for the record! Lol! Kam just said D is on friend probation! I love it! I have a feeling Cary is going to repeat that term.

Okay…awkward. LeeAnne lost her phone after the dinner fiasco. Apparently, the ladies were looking for it for hours and finally after they had given up and fallen asleep, Brandi “found” the phone and gave it to LeeAnne. Kam just said, she does not think Brandi took the phone. For the record.

Wow, just heard Brandi’s version of the story. Completely believe her 100%. I can’t even believe I doubted it for 2 seconds? Haha Stephanie just explained the situation perfectly.

Awe, Cary looks so cute catching up with her paretns about Copengaen!

I love Kort! I mean, he’s a midget. But he’s so cute! He picks on Kam so bad. Lol. Kam’s going to look for a business partner in the dog industry. Wow, Kort just said if she sells more Sparkle Dog they can have a third child. Lol.

Cary and D’Andra are getting ready for LeeAnne’s fashion show. D is saying LeeAnne asked Rich to clone Brandi’s phone. Lol. Is this a real thing?

Stephanie can’t make it to LeeAnne’s party, so she sent flowers. LeeAnne is being a littttle over the top about it. Maybe she’s just nervous.

Lol, Cary told D’Andra that Kameron said she’s on friend probation (not surprised there) and D’Andra is freaking out about it. Cary is seeing this side of D again. She asked her not to mention it to Kam. We’ll see if that works out.

Omg, LeeAnne’s party has started and she’s being annoying (old LeeAnne). She’s allowed to be excited though, I guess I should be nice.

Lol, LeeAnne just told D that Rich is out of town and she’s like, I’m just not going to react. Lol. Cary just called out that no one has heard anything about this dress, not even D’Andrea.

Lolllll I love Cary! She just said she’d rather buy 175 dresses, than one dress.

Awkward. LeeAnne was just introduced as “Queen B” and D’Andra almost lost it. Then she came out in a wedding dress! D is pissed.

Idk about this dress, sorry. Lol. It’s not ugly or anything, just not my style per say. All the ladies are telling LeeAnne they like the dress, but idk if I believe them. Lol. D just said she would have been there even if they weren’t talking, and LeeAnne said she wouldn’t have invited her.

LeeAnne said she made up the clonegate. Whoa, Kam just flip flopped in front of Cary. Uh oh, D said LeeAnne hasn’t changed, this is the same behavior. I kind of agree…



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