RHOD – S3 E14 Growers and Show-ers

Cary Deuber, Mark Deuber, LeeAnne Locken & D’Andra Simmons Real Housewives of Dallas – S3 E14 Growers and Show-ers

All the ladies walked away to go to bed and D’Andra stuck around to talk to Kameron. Now D is blaming her family issues on everything and crying to Kam. It’s like D, what’s the real reason? D’Andra apologized and is trying to make up with Kam, but now she’s bringing up LeeAnne.

Lol Stephanie just admitted she’s codependent on Brandi! Brandi just called LeeAnne the wicked witch first thing in the morning. Kameron thinks LeeAnne deserves an apology from D’Andra first thing in the morning.

The girls are splitting up their friend groups and separating besties. Cary is hilarious peddling around. Love her. The girls just met up for a brief second to say hello, it was cute.

Stephanie, D’Andra and LeeAnne went boating, while Brandi, Cary and Kameron went biking. LeeAnne is starting to look kind of crazy. She’s putting herself down and being weird about D’Andra. Stephanie said she wants D’Andra and LeeAnne to make up. LeeAnne is apologizing over and over and D isn’t even owning anything.

The girls are dressed up in Denmark outfits looking super cute! They are going to a circus and LeeAnne is freaking out about it, because it’s reminding her of her childhood lol. Seems like Brandi’s jealous that LeeAnne and D’Andra made up. Opp, now Cary stirred the pot again and told Brandi about how LeeAnne’s feelings were hurt.

Aweee Mark just surprised Cary with Zuri are showed up in Copenhagen! I started crying lol. I love Mark! Lol.

Okay, so everyone is jumping in some special sea, but LeeAnne is choosing not to because she is going to be in a fashion show! Lol. LeeAnne just took video of all the girls having fun in the water, but Brandi was topless. Mark and Cary plunged into the water naked together lol. That was a site I could have lived without. Well Brandi just called out LeeAnne on the video. Brandi is forcing her to delete the video and now she’s freaking out yelling at LeeAnne. I’m not sure Brandi is going to be around on RHOD much longer.

Oh great, I feel like another fight is about to happen at dinner. I should be excited though, right? So far, so good…oh god, here comes Brandi. Geez, I feel bad for LeeAnne this season. Truthfully. Brandi doesn’t trust LeeAnne, but LeeAnne doesn’t trust Brandi! It’s the same thing. Oh wow, LeeAnne just said that.



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