RHOD – S3 E13 Something is Rotten in Denmark

Cary Deuber, LeeAnne Locken, Stephanie Hollman, Brandi Redmond, D’Andra Simmons & Kameron Westcott Real Housewives of Dallas – S3 E13 Something is Rotten in Denmark

SO pumped for this trip in Copenhagen! Can’t wait to see what kind of drama comes up! I saw in previews, Kam puts D in her place. Holy crap Stephanie’s bags!!

Well the women have arrived, champagne is flowing. Kam is buzzed haha I’ve never seen her like this! She took drugs for the plane. Omg!! Kameron spilt the champagne on D’Andra (on accident) and said sorry, karma’s a bitch! Holy crap she better watch it! (I’m sooo into it though)! I can’t believe she said that lol.

The girls have had a drink in their hands the entire trip so far, which ones are the alcoholics again? We’ll see how this goes! Get them drunk, I’m all about it!

Omg Kam’s baggage has baggage within it! My god she has soooo much! Can someone say blessed?

Roommate situations are: BS (obviously), LeeAnne and Kam and D and Cary. Cary and D are getting ready and D is bringing up that she’s dreading talking to LeeAnne. She also mentioned how Kam came at her the other day, saying she was “looking out for her” but the only people that would be gossiping about her behavior would be the ladies on the show?! So who was it? I was thinking that the other day…like well, are you the one gossiping Kam?

But at the end of the day, the footage is on TV – so everyone is seeing it! Really doesn’t matter how fast it gets around, it will get around.

Lol OMG Brandi has a plan to get wasted at dinner so that LeeAnne will call her an alcoholic to her face. Stephanie is like, I don’t think that’s a good plan girl. Lol.

Omg Kam’s appetite is just like mine! How is she so skinny? Gosh I love her, Pink, Picky Eater, what else do I have in common with her?

Okay, who thinks this is actually a good idea for Brandi to get drunk in front of the ladies? Not a good look girl. I get that she’s pissed, but I’m not sure this is the best route to go. Hahaha LeeAnne just gave her the rest of her shot!! Yessss. Well Brandi is putting this plan to work!

Lol! LeeAnne just said Brandi is proving her point! Like hahaha omg it’s working Brandi? She’s gotta be hammered! Stephanie is aware of the situation at least, maybe she’ll help control her.

All the girls are getting into D and LeeAnne’s friendship, but somehow Kam is the only one being attacked by D’Andra. D is crazy! She is losing it. Omg Cary’s impression of this fight is amazzzzing. Brandi is so hammered, she doesn’t know what’s going on right now. D’Andra literally has shown such a crazy attacking side all season, it’s true! That’s why she gets on people’s bad sides.

Well it doesn’t look like Kam and D are going to be getting along anymore. I am all about it. I want Kam to take her down! Go Kam go! Sorry, I liked D last season, and even from time to time in the beginning of this season, but I am so over her at this point. She yells at everyone and she just seems unhappy.

Omg Brandi is acting like a child. I can’t. OMG Kam is waiting by the elevator and D’Andra walks up. Kam simply asked if she was riding the elevator and D said she didn’t want to ride with her or be anywhere near her! Like are you kidding? Her child like behavior speaks for itself! My god, women never grow up!

Kam just said she could barf all over her and I actually wish she would! Awe poor Kam is crying. Omg Yesss, LeeAnne came into the place and very gently told D she should just calmly speak to Kam, not be soo aggressive which is the truth. She is insanely aggressive. D is just using the excuse that Kam pushes her to that level. LeeAnne is trying to be the bigger person and explain you can’t make excuses like that (she knows!). LeeAnne is actually being an awesome friend right now, despite her current situation with D and D just came at her with an insult. Saying wow, you’ve kept it together for what, 6 months? Like go F yourself D.

Omg this is getting HEATED!!! D’Andra just told LeeAnne to shut up, put her fingers in her face and then shoved her! I think D is the new Lee!

The fact that LeeAnne didn’t get in a fight with D’Andra after that, is PROOF enough that she has changed! Brandi is trying to interact with LeeAnne and stir up trouble. Stephanie is trying to get everyone to fall asleep. Looks like Brandi’s the only one staying up. Lol.

Haha Brandi is insanely hungover and Stephanie just made a joke about it in her confessional, she sure showed LeeAnne last night! Love her!!!

Kam and LeeAnne the next morning are so cute and hilarious. By cute, I mean they look rough. Lol! Looks like Cary and D are going to an event and the other ladies are going to the brewery.

Lol LeeAnne just said she can’t stand beer, but she’d rather not be by D. The ladies are talking about what happened last night. Hopefully it doesn’t bring the mood down. Kam says no matter what they say, D will twist it and play victim.

Awkwardddd Stephanie just said she thinks LeeAnne is doing so good, and asked Brandi if she agreed, and Brandi just didn’t respond lol.

Lol I am very impressed with LeeAnne’s composure so far. The ladies are meeting Cary’s family. Oh gosh, Kameron just name dropped herself to Cary’s cousins, as if they know her last name. Maybe they do? Who knows.

Well that was a nice refreshing scene. Now, back to the drama. Dinner time. Well Brandi just straight up asked LeeAnne about it. Well, they just showed the recap and she didn’t use the word alcoholic. Well, all the recaps are showing she’s accurate. LeeAnne is saying sorry! But Brandi is still crying. Brandi is now admitting she has had issues with alcohol in the past and saying these things LeeAnne is saying is bringing back all those negative feelings. Wow, then LeeAnne goes on to say in her confessional that she thinks Brandi is just a drunk, not an alcoholic.

OMG next week’s episode looks amazing!



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