RHOC – S13 E18 Femme Finale

Shannon Beador, Emily Simpson, Tamra Judge, Vicki Gunvalson, Kelly Dodd & Gina Kirschenheiter Real Housewives of Orange County – S13 E18 Femme Finale

Okay, final episode of season 13 here. They are recapping the season and its pretty much putting me to sleep. Basically, the most exciting episodes were the last 2. RHOC is losing fans. Honestly, I can live without Emily and Gina. The only reason I don’t like Kelly is she blocked me on IG. She’s a lot this season though.

Gina’s place looks like such a shit hole, I’m over here.

Vicki and Steve, love them!

Shannon’s making her daughters taste test again. Lol. Omg, Shannon’s daughter wants to be on birth control and she’s against it. Lol. Wouldn’t you want her to be practicing safe sex?

Oh god, I’m so confused by Emily’s Femme Fatal party, to “celebrate mothers”? Like, what? Lol. Tamra, Emily and Kelly are looking for outfits for Emily’s party and Gina called. She basically forced Tamra to talk to her.

Tamra is visiting with Gina. Gina tried pulling the tears card. Now Tamra is just trying to explain her side and Gina is calling Shannon a liar again. She’s not getting it. Omg wooow, now Gina is giving examples of all the crappy things Tamra has said about Shannon. Then goes, if I really wanted to cause problems for you guys, I’d tell Shannon about that. Like wtf? Well, ya just did girl.

Emily’s mom is visiting. Emily keeps saying she never met her sons, and her mom is like, I was there the day they were born. I think I understand what Emily means, but she’s being annoying. Emily is so much bigger than Shane. Geez Emily is like all over her mom within seconds of her getting to her house. Lol.

Kelly’s going out with a 35 year old real estate agent. He just looks awkward with her.

OMG Gina’s son Nick is asking her about her house?! Like OMG Gina fucking own it and tell your kid what’s happening. Clearly, the kid is having uses. The more delays she has with this the worst he’s going to have it! Can’t stand her. Just don’t agree with anything she does.

Shannon’s getting ready at Tamra’s house. I’m glad about this. Tamra’s telling her about the convo with Gina.

Emily just said if her mother in law is unhappy she’ll end up living in a condo and driving a Jetta.  Like is that a bad thing? I’m so confused. Now I can’t stand her. Lol.

I feel like Shannon and Tamra could have dressed way hotter. Lol. Omg Gina just said she had her baby making boots on, TMI Gina. I don’t care.

Kind of awkward Eddie is going with Shannon and Tamra to the party, after he texted so much shit about her to Tamra. Lol.

Tamra and Shannon are approaching Gina about what’s going on. Shannon’s claiming she’s sane, and Bravo is playing back footage of her behavior in Mexico. Ugh oh, this is getting bad. Gina said she’s concerned about the way Shannon is acting.

Now Shannon is redirecting the situation, taking back control. Listing all the things Gina has done to her.

Kelly is pushing Emily to go sit and listen in on the convo. Tamra’s mom just told Vicki she’s going to need to get her face done again in 10 years, oh geez Vicki, might have had it done a little early.

Well, looks like Shannon and Emily are going to try and move on? I don’t think Shannon likes either of the new girls to be honest.

Oh Shannon’s going to see Brett Michaels and looking less like Brett this season. But still kind of manly…

Vicki just asked Steve to go to premarital counseling? Weird.

Kelly ends the season on a slutty comment, not surprised.

Gina’s going through her divorce, tell me something I didn’t know.

Tamra is just wants to be happy and for Eddie to be healthy.

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