RHOC – S13 E17 Friends and Enemas

Kelly Dodd, Gina Kirschenheiter, Emily Simpson, Tamra Judge, Shannon Beador & Vicki Gunvalson, Real Housewives of Orange County – S13 E17 Friends and Enemas

Yayyyy my least fav people, Gina and Kelly. Okay, Gina is already weirding me out. She said she’s making a room for Matt. Opp, Kelly just said she’d take Matt when Gina’s done. Damn, I wanted him! Lol.

Yayyy my fav’s Vicki and Tamra! Lol.

Gina’s trying to act like Shannon is the one who is lying and making things up! Can’t stand her.

Tamra told Vicki about what Gina did and Vicki is like, why is she stirring the pot? Like everyone else…Tamra, Shannon and Vicki are going to put on their old PJs and have a PJ party instead of going to Gina’s Bday. Lol.

Gina’s apartment looks embarrassing.

I guess Emily is having a psychic party this episode. Love psychics. Yassss, they’re showing the psychics from past episodes! The guy who called out Brooks! Tamra is sooo awk with Gina it’s weird. But I’m okay with it, not a huge fan of Gina.

Michael!! Long time no see! Michael is flirting with Kelly and she’s sort of flirting back. Miss him, but not their fighting!

Okay, Emily’s party is starting. Looks like the only housewives there are Gina, Emily and Tamra. There’s serious tension between Gina and Tamra. Oh god, here comes Gina. Saying she’s trying to help Shannon. Riiiighhhhht.

Emily and Gina are trying to turn Tamra against Shannon and vice versa. Oh god, now Gina is saying she has, “real stuff” on her plate. Riiiight. Girl you are barely sad about your divorce, don’t start playing it up now.

Awe, Jolie is in Oliver! She’s so cute! Awe, Michael and Kelly are getting along it’s making me emo!

What the heck did this psychic just tell Tamra? It sounded like she thinks she and Eddie are going to get divorced.

Hmm…this psychic is a weirdo! Lol. She just told them they need to help Shannon tonight!

Gina is getting ready for her bday party with her gfs. Awe, she called her son because he scored at his game and she’s emo. Idk, everything Gina says annoys me.

Michael is mad at Vicki for getting surgery. She didn’t even tell him or Briana! That’s nuts, I’d kill my mom! Michael cracks me up, I wish I could see him more! Lol.

Vicki is asking Steve for booze! Lol. He said no! Instead, she “took a Xanax”.

Emily planned Gina’s party. It looks…tacky. Emily keeps talking about how she decorated over and over.

Tamra showed up to Vicki’s wearing grandma stuff and just now realized she didn’t RSVP to Gina’s Bday.

Omg Gina is now calling her! Tamra ignored it. Awkwarrrrd.

Gina and her ex has phone sex. So weird! This is very confusing? Lol Tamra just said she was having more fun than wearing sequence. OMG!! They’re doing an enema?! That’s disgusting!!

I feel like Kelly is not having a good time at this party. It looks so boring!

Kelly just called Tamra and she picked up. She straight up said she forgot about the party. Come on girl! Lol. Everyone on the other end was shocked, but not the tres amigos.

The episode ended with Tamra telling Shannon that Emily said she has similar signs of her mother who has mental health issues! Yikes.

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