RHOA – S11 E2 South Peach

Nene Leakes, Cynthia Bailey. Porsha Williams, Kandi Burruss, Eva Marcille & Shamari Devoe Real Housewives of Atlanta – S11 E2 South Peach

Hahaha! Porsha is no longer a vegan! Shocking! Not!! She is hilarious. BTW her boo got her a Rolex, not a ring…Yet! I am loving Porsha with Dennis! This is the MOST FREE I have ever seen her in a relationship! Omg she just threw the flowers off the bed! Girl are you serious?! Enjoy those roses!

Oh hey Neneeeee. I love Nene’s boutique. I don’t actually own anything of hers, because I don’t have any $ right now, but hopefully one day!

OMG now Dennis is giving Porsha a huge necklace with diamonds! He just went out and bought her a toothbrush and razor! He loves her big time! This guy is an alien!

Aweee Kandi is trying to be nice to Porsha this trip. That’s good news!

Seems like Porsha just started a fight w Dennis that was not even worth it, but it didn’t even affect him! Lol. He still loves her!

Oh noooow she realizes she’s crazy. Lol. She is so funny.Is this season going to be all about Porsha though?

Eva looks like a badass stepping off this bus. Marlo’s room is small AF. Porsha was trying to be nice by writing notes for all the ladies in their rooms and they are all salty. Lol. Hahaha Marlo is upgrading her room!! The shadddde. Omg I’m pretty sure Marlo is trying to steal Porsha’s penthouse suit.

Greg is there with Nene but he is very weak. It’s sad. I hope he beats this. The ladies are looking great for Nene’s comedy show! Porsha looks so cute!

Oh man, now we’re all crying because Greg is bringing down the vibes! Lol. Omg this is so sad. I love Greg!!

Porsha is asking the ladies if they use their guy’s toothbrush?! Lol! They are all disgusted.

So I confirmed, Marlo tried taking Porsha’s room. Wow I can’t believe Porsha isn’t freaking out right now. She’s holding it together.

Well they just showed that blurp of Kandi talking about Dennis, and it wasn’t a big deal at all. So thanks Bravo, for making it seem like it was more than it was.

Omg Porsha and Marlo went out until 3AM! That is so cute. Aweee, they’re starting over. Is Marlo the new frack?

Loving these new Shoedazzle commercials of EJ.

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