Below Deck – S6 E8 Flesh Wounds Are Not Five-Star

Rhylee Gerber, Chandler, Kate Chastain, Adrian Martin, Ashton Pienaar, Caroline Bedol & Captain Lee Rosbach Below Deck – S6 E8 Flesh Wounds Are Not Five-Star

Captain Lee is pissed. He’s going after the deck crew biggggg time! Deckhand 101! Omg! Chandler literally is making excuses over and over! He is an embarrassment!

Well! Just saw Kate and Josiah drinking on the job! This is the huge new rumor on Kate this season! That she “drinks on the job” guess we just saw that, doesn’t matter. If Captain Lee doesn’t care, I don’t.

Adrian said he’s never had a whole table complain about a meal, which I believe. He is incredible!

Captain Lee is talking to Kate about Chandler. My god Chandler is such a joke. Ashton is trying to express his frustration about what is happening and Chandler’s not even listening? It’s like it goes in one ear, out the other? He’s still just making excuses saying, the crew should know what to do! It’s like, then what’s the point of your job?

Lol Rhylee just said she would have fired Chandler if he was on her boat in Alaska! Girl cracks me up at this point.

Omg Adrian said he’s done with Caroline, he said he has too many things to take care of aside from her problems. Lol! Love him. The guests are happy with their dinner this time around, so that’s good, since Captain Lee is attending. Everyone loves Adrian!

Ross is trying his best to let Chandler be Bosun, but clearly, he’s getting frustrated. That must be tough, to take a demotion but know you would be doing a better job! That was a relatively easy day.

Chandler said he’s dreading being on deck, don’t blame you. Get it together! He’s taking notes! Lol. Such an embarrassment! Wow, soooo awkward! You can tell Captain Lee hates him.

Wow, Caroline is such an embarrassment! All she does is make excuses, now she’s throwing up! Oh man, now the guests are complaining about Caroline…not good! This is the first that the guests have noticed how bad she is!

Chandler is talking to Adrian about the game plan for the beach lunch. Wow he’s actually going through the list he took of Captains! I’m shocked.

Omg this is rouggghhhh. Josiah and Kate are venting about Caroline, they said dealing with her is getting old. I mean, even the guests are noticing it, that’s bad!

Wooooow now Chandler is annoying Adrian! Lol, now Adrian and Kate are talking about it. Lol Josiah and Kate are my lives, they are def the best entertainment.

Oh man, Rhylee said she’s struggling with not putting Chandler in his place. Are you kidding me with the way Chandler just talked to Rhylee? Holy crap! I cannot stand him! This is getting insane!!

Oh woooowwww Chandler said she should go to the Captain! Rhylee is about to kick Chandler’s ass. Lol. Wouldn’t mind seeing that.

Okay, so Ross would be doing something differently already. I love when Ross calls out what he would be doing differently, just wish he’d say it to Chandler’s face. You can tell Captain Lee likes Ross so much more. Lol. Just hearing Chandler’s voice eeks me.

Omgah all Chandler does is make excuses! So far so good, with the beach dinner. Captain Lee is starting to freak out a little. They’re already 15 mins late leaving. Omg dinner is starting like an HR late. Chandler was carrying a guest to the beach and she slipped and fell! It looked seriously painful!

She is definitely hurt! Ouch, that looked painful! OMG! Chandler didn’t even apologize! Wow, Chandler is just being such a jerk, he’s clearly taking everything out on Rhylee! Which is not cool. Ross just thanked her for working hard! Chandler just said he’s done dealing with Rhylee, like you can’t be DONE, when you’re the boss?!

Chandler is standing around “waiting” to help guests off. I don’t think they want his help! Lol. Captain Lee told Caroline to prepare drinks for the guests, I’m interested to see how this goes! Lol. OMG!!! Caroline just dropped ALL of the drinks!! I knew that would go wrong! OMG!! Now the guests kids cut themselves on glass!! This is not going well at all!! Omg, Kate and Josiah are back to doing the deckhand work.

Wow, what would the deck crew do without Kate and Josiah? Wow this is the worst guest trip ever! Caroline just went and kissed their son all over, like um, please don’t kiss my son stranger?!

Thank God Kate is back! The guests clearly hate Caroline, and they don’t even hide it! Omg! The guests just told Rhylee that Chandler dropped her lol! Well the guests are happy because Kate is taking care of them. Omg! Kate just shuns her to laundry! Caroline says she’s miserable, like go ahead and leave girl, you’re clearly not helping the situation! Lol.

Omg, the guests are trying to express their feelings about falling to Chandler and he’s just writing them off. Kate is literally running the show now! Go Kate go!

Wooowww Chandler is just complaining over and over I can’t handle him. Ross helps no issues. Love him! Way better than Chandler! Kate just released the entire crew! I wonder how Chandler is feeling right now…I can’t handle him. Omg! Kate just took Chandler’s ice cream!!

Omg, Chandler is coming after Kate, does he have any idea who he is dealing with?! OMG! He just threw out all the food the chef made! He’s nuts. Chandler is probably the worst Bosun we’ve ever seen.

Enjoy your ice cream Chandler!

That was the worst day ever, but now it’s a new day. Hopefully the guests unload safely. Omg, the guests actually said the vacation was cool and they don’t want to leave! I am shocked! Chandler just said this was his worst charter, we agree Chandler.

Chandler said he’s terrified of the crew meeting, don’t really blame him there. Rhylee’s unhappy because Captain Lee didn’t call out all of the issues with Chandler. Yessss, Kate is witnessing Captain Lee talk with Chandler. Seems pretty clear he’s getting fired!







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