Below Deck – S6 E7 New Kids on the Dock

Rhylee Gerber, Ross Ina, Chandler & Captain Lee Rosbach Below Deck – S6 E7 New Kids on the Dock

So excited for this episode of Below Deck! I love Below Deck! Unfortunately, I don’t think Chandler OR Caroline get fired this episode.

Ugh, it’s super early and Caroline’s already talking loudly. Seems like Ashton is pretty into Rhylee. Chandler annoys the crap out of me.

Oh no, Caroline just walked in on Kate talking about the foot situation. It’s like it won’t end! When will she get better? Lol.

Ew! Ashton just threw Captain Lee’s underwear on her face! She was venting to him about Kate, get over it girl.

Captain Lee just asked Chandler if he has a plan for this charter and he’s like it’s good, it’ll be good. Like, that’s not a plan Chandler.

Kate is doing her best to work with Caroline, but this girl stinks. The new guests are arriving. They have kids who seem like brats.

Ashton and Rhylee just had conflict. Maybe he’s frustrated she’s playing hard to get?

Omgaaaaah Caroline won’t let this injury thing go. I can’t handle her. Now she’s effecting the chef, girl stop. He’s amazing. Lol! Don’t kill his vibes.

Like telling people that you’re not liked, isn’t going to make them like you. Holy crap. Josiah is trying to ask for help and Caroline was just so fing rude to him. She’s horrible. Omg, now Adrian is kind of delaying the dinner…yikes the guests hated dinner.

The guests complained about dinner and Kate said she’s going to let Adrian know. Now they’re complaining to Caroline. Josiah told Kate and Kate said they shouldn’t mention anything to Adrian. I bet Caroline does.

Yikes. Adrian just pulled the, my dad just died card on Caroline. Awkward, they just fought, so now Caroline has ANOTHER enemy.

Captain Lee just radioed directions to the deck crew and Chandler didn’t even have his headset on, pathetic. Chandler has no idea what’s going on. Captain Lee is noticing that Chandler is continuing to suck. Now Captain Lee is calling Ross AND Chandler in to give directions.

The guests are leaving for their excursion and Chandler is staying behind. Ashton is trying to reach Chandler and he’s not answering. Omg the guests just called Kate’s cell phone because they couldn’t reach the deck crew for help. This is bad…

Chandler doesn’t take any accountability. Lol the guests just arrived and Kate sent Caroline downstairs to fold laundry.Captain Lee is pissed. He just called an emergency meeting with the deck crew. Chandler looks like a turd. Wow this looks like the charter trip from hell!!

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