Below Deck – S6 E6 Get Better or Go Home

Josiah Carter & Kate Chastain Below Deck – S6 E6 Get Better or Go Home

Fav show of the week is on, Below Deck. Can’t wait to see what happens on this episode! We left off with the social media junkie charter guest. They are showing footage of Ross’s experience, he’s probably going to be promoted to Bosun. I call it. Ashton is pissed because he’s going fishing, instead of Rhylee, who is the fishing expert. Due to Chandler’s dislike for Rhylee, not a good look bro. Or in the words of Kelly Dodd, twerp.

Ugh the deck crew and guests are about to leave for the fishing trip and Chandler sounds like such a douche already. His voice is so annoying. I can’t believe Jamie from Below Deck Med is seeing him, like girl, you can do better. Reminds me of the Joao and Brook/Hannah love triangle, like where is Kate and why isn’t she giving Jamie advice?

Omg Caroline is such a whiner. All she does is make excuses. Captain Lee is looking for Chandler and Ross just informed him he went on the fishing trip, the Captain didn’t even know. Come on Chandler. He has literally zero info on the situation, he’s clearly annoyed.  Omg this is so awkward. Clearly the guests are unhappy, it’s verrrrry obvious that Chandler and Ashton have no idea what they’re doing! Even Ashton is admitting it, TO the guests! Yikes. Meanwhile, looks like everyone back on the boat is doing great. Lol. The fishing trip is now turning into a photo shoot!

The guests are back from the fishing trip and Captain Lee is all over Chandler immediately, calling him out on zero communication. Chandler’s first excuse is the crew! Captain Lee isn’t having any excuses, he’s moving on. I’m sure they’ll discuss it later. He even turned away his breakfast that Josiah so sweetly brought in, lol.

The guests are now eating and it looks amazing. Rhylee asked Ashton if they caught anything and he said no. I hope Captain Lee hears and asks him why he didn’t put Rhylee on the fishing trip. Just would love to see his excuse.

Woooow, Captain Lee is all over Chandler (and I love it) lol. He’s saying things under his breathe on camera, wonder how Chandler will feel when he sees the footage? Who cares.

The male deck crew were talking in the galley, Chandler was giving some (key word, “some”) direction. Ross is mentioning in his confessional how he would be doing things if he was Bosun, I have a feeling he will be soon.

Omg the location of this charter is insane. The deck crew is setting everything up. We’ll see if Chandler can pull this off. I can’t believe these sharks! They’re everywhere! I’d be freaked out!! OMG the scenery is sooooo pretty! This is incredible! Aweeee even Rhylee got to swim with them!

Kate and Josiah are talking about Caroline’s foot issues. Lol. Yesss, Captain Lee is asking about Chandler! He’s getting pissed again. Love it. This sushi lunch turned out amazing!

Holy crap! Captain Lee found the hot tub with water splashing over about to create a huge mess. He’s radioing the entire deck crew and no one is responding. This is a joke. Not to mention, it looks like it’s about to downpour.

Omg I am hattttting Chandler right now. Kate notices its about to rain and says we should get out of here asap and he’s talking about how no one is on the boat to fix things? Which is what Ross mentioned in his confessional earlier. It’s like he’s in Lala Land. Even Kate said he’s sucking, which means it’s true.

Okay, so the guests are back on the boat and the only interior crew member around is Caroline. Captain Lee radioed her and she responded right away. Which was good…but she’s just so bad. She doesn’t know how to make the drinks the guests are requesting.

Oh god, Chandler just said he knew he made a mistake but not leaving someone behind and he’ll probably get a “lashing” from Captain Lee. He’s so annoying. Like dude, if you knew, then why didn’t you do it?

Well Captain Lee just called Chandler out on everything in his office. He mentioned the situation with Rhylee plus the hot tub. Wondering how Chandler is going to respond. Wowwww!! All Chandler did is make excuses one after the other and blame everyone else on the crew but himself! Omgosh! Chandler just left and called Captain Lee a Fing Ahole under his breathe! What a loser.

Kate is being sooooo nice to Caroline, like over the top. Wow Chandler just came out and told the crew he’s going to be micromanaging them. Like clearly that’s not what the issue was. Oh god, Caroline just said her foot was swelling more. What kind of infection is this?!

Rhylee was just talking to Ashton about approaching the Captain to promote Ross and fire Chandler, he said he’s into it.

Adrian’s food is incredible, I mean, it’s insane. I never realized the food could be on this level. Lol.

Omg lol Kate, Caroline and Adrian are watching the primary charter guest hooking up with his gf.

Last day of charter. Lol!!! Kate talking about Josiah vs. Caroline! She said he’s a perfectly groomed show dog and she’s a Chihuahua. Caroline’s foot is still bad so she’s going to the doctor AGAIN.

Chandler told the deck crew what to do, we’ll see how this goes. Wtf? Chandler just came at Rhylee for no reason. He is so annoying, can’t wait for him to get fired.

Okay, so the doctor told Caroline she can’t work for two days. So Josiah and Kate are picking up the slack, once again. Josiah doesn’t even say one negative thing.

Caroline is staying behind to rest while the rest of the crew goes out. Ashton flirts with Rhylee quite a bit. Oh god, Ashton is bringing everything up with Chandler. Why is he doing this?

Oh no, everyone’s getting wasted. Well there weren’t any fights. Kate sent Caroline to another room on the boat because she was up walking around when everyone got back from going out and Kate was pissed. She said she has two days to get better and Caroline started crying lol.


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