RHOA – S11 E3 A new Addition

Nene Leakes, Eva Marcille, Kandi Burruss, Cynthia Bailey, Porsha Williams & Shamari Devoe Real Housewives of Atlanta – S11 E3 A New Addition

Porsha and Eva are hanging at the gym. Not seeing much working out, a lot of talking tho…umhmm. Eva’s talking a lot of crap about Marlo and now Cynthia. I understand Marlo, but I love my girl 51Cynt.

Nene and Greg are going to the doctor. I really hope Greg gets better soon. He’s avoiding Chemo. Whatever you need Greg. Love ya. Greg’s trying to be a little goofy at this appt. I can’t decide if that’s a good or bad thing? He seems exhausted. The doctor told Greg his cancer is gone for now, but Chemo treatment is the only way to reduce the chances of it coming back by 50%.

Finally meeting the new housewife to the group, Shamari! She’s known Kandi forever! Sorry Shamari, but I never heard of your group. Lol. Umm…awkwardddd, Kandi just admitted she didn’t follow her on Instagram! Lol. Apparently Shamari’s husband’s group performed at Kandi’s wedding and she loves them. Shamari asked Kandi to come listen to her new song and provide advise.

Shamari’s twins are baby models. Oh god, she and her husband are going to make a group called me and Mari. Lol. Idk about this. Yikes, she just sang, wasn’t horrible. Omg, now that her husband went on, I like it! Haha she just compared them to JayZ and Beyonce.

Helllo Cynthia! Visiting Nene, so sweet per usual. Greg decided he doesn’t want to do Chemo. I guess I don’t blame him. Nene says she’s on his side. Greg said he wants to be an influence for other males dealing with cancer. They said the social media support is really helping! Shout out to us little guys! She hears us, even though she doesn’t respond! 😉 JK I know she has stuff on her plate, clearly.

Yessss, Kandi is inviting Eva to go with her to listen to Shamari’s song. Omg! She just tried calling Porsha and it was the wrong #! Aweee, they’re actually getting along!

All the ladies are together to see Shamari perform @ ATL Live. They’re praying before their show, that I love. Oh wait, I know this song! Her bra is showing, FYI. Lol, Porsha and Shamari went to high school together! Lol!! Cynthia is coming @ Black’s styling, I agree. Lol.

Ohhhh shit, Kandi just threw some shade @ Porsha’s man. Said he’s a dog alright (because Porsha said he’s a chef) and he owns a hotdog shop. Damnnn and so did Nene! Yesss, the drama is beginning!


Lol! Shamari just asked her husband if HE had any pointers for HER? When he just opened up for Kandi? That was soooo awkward.

Ugh oh. Eva just threw shade @ Shemeya and Kandi didn’t like it. Apparently Eva was referencing she’s dark black.

Kandi & Todd are opening another OLG! I’m excited for them! She said it’s going so well that they are able to open another location, and she knows it’s going to kill it! Carmen is doing Kandi’s insurance now? Idk if she’s her assistant anymore. She’s starting to tell her about Porsha’s relationship, even though she said she’s not going to. Oh man, Carmen said Dennis also bought his last GF a Rolex too!

Omg they just showed a clip of Porsha three years ago and she was soo skinny! Sooo this chick knows his ex. Whoa, Dennis got her tattooed on his body! Omg, now she’s saying his ex did too? Omg, Kandi now has serious tea, and Porsha is in la la land!

Can’t wait for all of this to come out!! So much tea spilt this episode!!

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