RHOD – S3 E12 Where’s Copenhagen?

LeeAnne Locken, D’Andra Simmons, Kameron Westcott, Brandi Redmond & Stephanie Hollman Real Housewives of Dallas – S3 E12 Where’s Copenhagen?

This season has been great! I am going to be sad when Dallas is over! If it was up to me, Dallas would always be on! Along with RHONY.

On this episode, the ladies take off to Denmark for a girl’s trip to visit Cary’s family. I’m very nervous for them to travel together! Especially internationally! Lol.

Gosh, Cary is such a babe! I love her! Lol. She was just talking about learning the language and it made me lol.

Travis is surprising Stephanie by planning the party for their vow renewal and it’s amazing! He loves her so much! They are both so lucky!

Lol, the girls opening their gift baskets are hilarious! So excited for this girls trip! Hoping some major drama goes down!

Stephanie’s top is so on trend. I love her style! Umm LeeAnne just explained her ideal wedding dress to be basic and boring lol. I am kind of surprised LeeAnne invited D and she didn’t go. D’Andra texted her that she couldn’t make it. Lol. Shady AF.

D and her mom are talking about her conversation with LeeAnne. Omg. D’Andra just said that Kam is now LeeAnne’s best friend and she has gone to the wayside. Well ya girl, because you treat her like crap! LeeAnne didn’t invite Kam to the wedding dress shopping!

Lol LeeAnne and Kameron are calling D psycho. Hmm this is a little awkward. Kameron and LeeAnne said D has to watch her rep because of her last name. This is crazy. Mama D is ticked.

The way D is painting herself to her mom, idk. I don’t see it. I am team LeeAnne and Kameron for surrrrre! Sorry D. You’re losing me this season.

LeeAnne and Kameron said they’re done taking D’s crap.

I can’t believe LeeAnne suggested this event in the past! I am very interested to see how this goes.

D’s outfit is very scandalous! Lol. The opposite of Brandi lol! Whoa Mama D is nutto. She is being way over the top to Brandi and Cary about watching after D’Andra in Denmark. Like she’s 50 lady!

LeeAnne looks so pretty at this event! OMG the way D’Andra is explaining the situation to Cary is ridiculous. Wow, D’Andra is losing it! She’s crazy! She said now she doesn’t want to go on the trip. Cary’s like, you’re loss. Lol.

Mama D is talking to LeeAnne. Mama D is going on a rant and she’s not even looking LeeAnne in the eyes. I don’t remember LeeAnne saying that Brandi and D are alcoholics. I don’t remember her specifically labeling them. Maybe she implied it. I’m over Brandi and D’Andra’s friendship, sorry.

Awwe I can’t believe Brandi can’t stay for the renewal. She looks amazing. Stephanie looks beautiful of course! The drama about LeeAnne calling Brandi and alcoholic came up.  They decided to talk about it in Copenhagen.

Awee, Travis surprised Stephanie with her original maid of honor! He is already making me tear up! Well that ceremony was sweet! They are definitely #couplegoals!

Alright, the ladies are off for Copenhagen! I’m sure we won’t get far along in the trip, if at all! Awwwkward!! D’Andra and LeeAnne are the only ones in line and they aren’t even communicating.

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