RHOA – S11 E1 To Love and To Cherish

Nene Leakes & Porsha Williams Real Housewives of Atlanta – S11 E1 To Love and To Cherish

Not sure how this season is going to go, no Kenya Moore and the trailer looked like a snoozefest. But of course, I’ll be here to blog about it! So much is going on with the ladies of RHOA already! Babies! Weddings! New boyfriends! It’s crazy.

Starting out with Porsha and her new boo. Apparently she claimed she was going to be the next one married at the reunion last year, (which I forgot about)…probably because I didn’t believe it! Her new mans looks Ok. Chubby. He’s definitely cute rather than hot! Lol.

Omg Porsha’s man told her he loved her the first day! OK….these rings she’s trying on are crazy! This guy must be loaded!

Awe, this breaks my heart seeing Greg like this!! I hope he survives this cancer. I have loved seeing Greg on RHOA all these seasons.

Yay Kandi! I love her first confessional look! She’s amazing! Well that was quick, now we’re on to Cynthia.

Oooooook all these new love stuff is making me jealous! First Porsha, now Cynthia! Where’s my boo?!

I’m interested to see how this goes with Eva. I feel like we didn’t get to see a ton of her the last few seasons. Okay, Eva just had a modeling shoot at her family photo shoot and it was tack-kay.

Awe, Porsha is going to check on Nene! How the tables have turned! I am obsessed with this tie-die outfit!

Omg Riley’s reaction to Kandi and Todd having more kids! I am shocked to see their reaction! They said they work too much to have more kids!

Ugh I am v jel of Porsha’s life right now! Loving her! Hmm Porsha doesn’t want any of the women to meet Denis…I wonder why? Maybe because usually she is the opposite and that never goes well!

Lol she is cracking me up about inviting Kandi to the Miami event she’s planning for Nene. I hope we get to see some of this on the episode! Doubt it though. So far, I am into this episode!

Lol! Cynthia is lying to Nene about the upcoming trip (obviously) and it is so cute and funny!

Ugh I can’t handle watching Porsha and her man! He is so cute, their love is so cute! Awe, she’s getting all weird asking questions about Kandi…

Porsha’s boo got a nice place with private chefs! The episode ends with him opening a box and says to be continued…!

OMG next week looks sooo good!

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