Below Deck – S6 E5 Naked Smoothies

Below Deck – S6 E5 Naked Smoothies

Kate and the new stew Caroline have been feuding on Twitter. I’m thinking she’ll probably get fired this season!

Morning after the crew went out and Caroline looks rough. She said Josiah and Kate are two faced. Omg Chandler is already bitching and the morning hasn’t even started.

Lol Caroline went into Kate and Josiah’s bunk and Kate looks soooo hungover! Lol. She is avoiding the conversation. Omg Caroline just said she forgives her, and Kate wasn’t even apologizing?

Lol Kate didn’t remember saying that! I wonder if she feels bad at all when she sees the footage?

Chandler is in denial about his job, now he’s just micromanaging his crew. Um Rhylee is coming after Kate about cleaning up the crew mess and Kate doesn’t even care lol! Chandler seems like such a little bitch! I wish Kelly Dodd would yell at him! Lol.

Ugh this Rhylee chick is too much for me. She’s trying too hard to prove herself, and she’s wayyyy too manly! Ashton just tried to give her advice to back off on Kate, but she said she doesn’t care (basically).

Caroline is at the doctor for her foot. Meanwhile, Josiah and Kate are holding down the fort. Caroline is back and her foot has an infection from a bug bite or something. She’ll be fine. Apparently, chef Adrian used to be chubby, he’s a nice relaxing addition to the crew! I wonder if his gf will make an appearance this season?

The deck crew is asking Chandler what the plan is for the next day/guests arrival and he said, “the usual” this is exactly what they are talking about when they say a lack of communication! Rhylee just apologized to Kate and she said she loves when people apologize lol! I love Kate so much!

Ashton is getting seriously frustrated about the lack of leadership and direction from Chandler! Caroline is still whining about her foot. She’s also flirting w Chandler (ew).

Haha this new charter guest seems goofy already! Lol! These people are cray about social media! Living their best lives!

Chandler is bitching at Rhylee, that’s the only thing he’s good at. These guests seem verrrrry high maintenance! Wow Chandler is such a dick, can’t stand him. Seems like Ashton is pretty mature. Maybe he should be bosun! Lol.  Uggggh Caroline seems so annoying!

Omg the location they are traveling to looks incredible!! Man, Chandler seems like a real mess.

Caroline is making excuses and Kate is not taking it.

The Primary charter guest opened his door naked, kind of creepy. He’s a weirdo. Wowwww Chandler is looking bad in front of Captain Lee! OMG Chandler had everyone’s radio on a different channel and Captain Lee is pisssssssed!! I have a feeling he’ll end up getting fired.

Omg all this chick does is ice her foot!

Uh oh…Captain Lee wants to talk to Chandler! Well, he scolded him basically. But it wasn’t a firing or thattt harsh.

Omg Caroline is fighting with Chandler, instead of working!! She is on dinner service and instead she’s arguing with Chandler. Woooow now she’s losing it on Ashton. She is horrible! She is rubbing everyone the wrong way! Well she’s now apologizing to Ashton and kissing him all over. She’s crazy!!!



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