RHOD – S3 E11 A Recipe for Disaster

Brandi Redmond, LeeAnne Locken, Stephanie Hollman, Cary Deuber, Kameron Westcott & D’Andra Simmons Real Housewives of Dallas  – S3 E11 A Recipe for Disaster

Jeremy is the photographer of D’s photoshoot. Kind of tacky, not going to lie. Kameron is hosting a boutique opening. Love her. Ooooooh loving LeeAnne’s pants in this scene.

Whoa, now Cary is saying now LeeAnne knows how it hurts when people mess with your relationship. Oh man now LeeAnne is bringing up D’Andra being drunk at charity events. This is getting ugly!

Now D is telling her side to Jeremy. Jeremy says she’s immature. LeeAnne said the only one they are attacking is her, which is true. Yikes. LeeAnne is NOT happy. New LeeAnne is gone! Lol, old LeeAnne is back! Looks like the drama is getting hot.

Cary is going to visit her family in Denmark. Pretty excited to see this. I like Cary. She’s never the center of attn., but she def has her role in the franchise. Awe, Cary is facetiming her parents w Mark and they are so cute!

Stephanie and Travis are talking about him leaving for school and her handling depression. She is also joking about getting hammered. Well, alcohol is a depressant! She should prob cut back on that. I love her, don’t get me wrong, just saying. They’re renewing their vows, I can’t wait to see that! Hopefully Bravo will cover it!

Okay, today’s the day of the big “cook off” with LeeAnne and D/Mama D’s. D is already telling everyone ahead of time that they have been having issues. Even Rich came w LeeAnne, which is a little weird since both of the guys in the relationships have talked bad about the girls. Lol. Mama D says the way to keep a man is through his stomach! LeeAnne said she just gives BJs. Apparently D had weight issues as a child and she loved food.

What? D just said her mom probably got her the Queen B apron on purpose! Is Mama D that mean? I thought she was nice. Damn Kameron’s life looks amazing. I am def jealous! Holy crap I am obsessed with ketchup but the amount they put in the meatloaf is insane!

Well at least LeeAnne had a chance to clarify what she meant about D drinking. Now Mama D is calling LeeAnne in the room to chat. LeeAnne just said she is the one who gave her the nickname Mama D! That’s pretty big. Oh good the boys are talking through it.

Now Kameron is talking about it with D too. Whoa she said she thinks Brandi is going to blab to Dallas about all the stuff she’s is doing! Yikes, Kam’s mother in law just said people are talking about her. Wow Mama D is 77, she’s amazing!

Brandi is helping Travis pic out Stephanie’s renewal ring! Holy crap he is so rich! I love him! I am so jel! Stephanie has the best life! The ring was pretty! Nothing crazy though. The food is FINALLLY ready. Not sure why they picked meat loaf? Takes forever to cook. Lol.

D’s husband Jeremy is having a reveal party for a mural bar. D is talking about how she can’t wait to go off on everyone.

D is confronting Kameron about what her mother in law said, and she is definitely not getting it. Kameron is trying to come from a good place. But I’m wondering who is talking about it in the first place?

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