RHOC – S13 E15 The Day After

Tamra Judge, Emily Simpson, Gina Kirschenheiter & Shannon Beador Real Housewives of Orange County – S13 E15 The Day After

Last week’s episode was pretty intense! I feel like the main drama is actually between Tamra and Shannon, not Shannon and the new girls. Very excited to see where things go this week!

Shit, just saw last week’s recap, I take it back, last week was insane! Lol, they opened the episode with Tamra asking who they are missing again! Lol. That was my fav line from last episode lol.

Whoa this Dunn’s River Falls place looks crazy! Lol Kelly’s boobs are already falling out, and they haven’t even started climbing yet. Tamra can’t participate because of her leg, but it doesn’t matter, we know she’d kill it.

Lol Kelly’s boobs keep falling out! Vicki keeps falling! And Gina hates water! Lol.

Shannon finally answers Vicki’s phone call and she’s a complete biotch to her immediately when Vicki calls. Then brings up last night right away, when Vicki is like are you alive/ok?! Then she’s like um, I’m planning on coming to dinner! All intensely. I’m pretty much over Shannon! Now she’s rambling about everything that was brought up last night to Vicki, when Vicki said none of it.

Shannon’s finally arriving to dinner. Def awkward. Yikes, Kelly called her out immediately about not answering the texts or calls, saying she has no manners. Okay, Shannon is addressing the situation. She’s already starting to cry and she just started talking. Now Gina is jumping in! She’s the last person that should be talking lol. Ugh oh, here comes Emily.

Oh man, here she comes at Gina about her current divorce situation. Aweeee now Gina is crying. I feel for her now. The other ladies look like they don’t care?

Shannon is meeting w Tamra before the beach to talk…! Eeek, I’m a little nervous. Tamra says she’s going to be 100% honest with her! Oh god…Shannon is starting her convo w Shannon and already seems tense. Tamra is trying to tell her, no girl, you’re just always negative. Can’t wait to see what Shannon says back. Ouch, Tamra said no one wants to hear it anymore.

Now all the women are talking about Shannon, while they’re waiting on Tamra and Shannon.  Oh god, Emily is having a breakdown because of her mom’s depression issues. Shannon def isn’t that bad!

Man, Tamra is going to town on Shannon. Shannon is saying sorry, but it’s not enough for Tamra. Not sure how they can get past this? But I know they do, because they are currently (I think?) friends.

Wow, I lovvvvve Tamra! I am so happy she is spilling all of this out. Awe, Shannon said she felt like Tamra should have defended her. Okay, Shannon wants to get the story straight and now she apologized. Tamra said thank you. Maybe they can make it work?

Okay, all the ladies are heading to the beach and it seems like they’re in good moods. Oh man, Shannon is having tequila with the ladies and she yelled her order at the waitress. For Shannon fun equals yelling. Lol. The OGs are having a good time in the water. Meanwhile, Gina’s complaining to Emily about how Shannon was sooo annoying the other day and wondering if she apologized to Tamra. It’s like, its none of your business Gina!

Awe, Gina got a call from her mom and when she hung up, she goes, she’s the best and Emily had a breakdown. Apparently, her mom sucks. Meanwhile, in other, fun areas of the beach, the ladies are drinking out of coconuts and laughing!

Gina and Emily are back and they are going into the water with Tamra. Tamra brings it up immediately though. They’re all gossiping about Shannon. Here comes Kelly and the subject dies.

Tamra just threw shade at Vicki about buying Brooks’ new teeth. Omg Vicki is being hilarious, recapping what they can actual talk about at dinner. She said they can’t talk about anything deep or real, because Shannon will get offended.

Aweee now Tamra is saying the best part that happened during the trip was she and Shannon making up. Then Shannon and Gina kissed and Vicki twerked! What an ending! I guess they’re all getting along now then? Wonder how long that will last!

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