Below Deck – S6 E4 Bitch in Charge

Kate Chastain, Josiah Carter & Caroline Lowe Below Deck – S6 E4 Bitch in Charge

Picking up where we left off, Ross walking in to tell Captain Lee about Rhylee. He said overall he just feels misinformed. The conversation started out about Rhylee but then moved onto Chandler. Not sure if that was his intention? But Chandler defintely looks bad.

Kate is planning a Luau for the final night! Chef Adrian will prob knock it out of the park!

Rhylee says she doesn’t regret the situation with Ross whatsoever. She was looking out for the safety of the guests (which is accurate)…

Caroline is bitching about Chandler not helping her on interior work. Kate doesn’t care. Lol. She basically listened and moved on.

Omg, now Caroline’s calling Chandler on his walkie talkie. Adrian is talking shit about Caroline. I love him!

This location for the luau looks incredible! Kate just mentioned Caroline having babies with Chandler, lol. Ross is admitting to Rhylee that he talked to Captain Lee. She is upset he didn’t include her in the convo, but didn’t say it to his face.

The guests lovvve Adrian’s food so much! They said he’s coming with them! Lol. In front of Captain Lee! I think he is the new #bestchef!

Chandler sent Ross and Ashton to sleep and left Rhylee with the cleanup. He said that’s what the lowest level of deck crew should be doing.Caroline and Kate are finishing up for the night and Caroline’s expressing she feels left out. Caroline was basically begging her for a acceptance, and Kate is trying to be nice.

This whole episode the deck crew keeps circling back to how communication is down from Chandler. Ross is now leading the crew, who knows where Chandler is.

The guests are leaving. Captain Lee just gave Rhylee a compliment! The Primary Charter guest left TWO tips! Lol.

Awe, Kate is talking about making an effort to include Caroline into their (Josiah and she’s) relationship.

Now Rhylee is bitching to Ross about her and Chandler’s relationship.

The tip meeting is going well! They made 22k total! Captain Lee wants to speak with Chandler afterward. Chandler’s blaming everything on Rhylee! Captain Lee likes Rhylee so far though, so that might not be the smartest route to go. Yes, Captain Lee is bringing up that someone else (not Rhylee) came to him and said there’s a lack of communication.

Rhylee went into Ashton’s bunk to cuddle. The crew is going out. Can’t wait to see if Chandler asks who went to the Captain on him. Whoa this Rhylee chick is V horny. She clearly wants to get laid! She is really putting herself out there!

Oh, Chandler and Caroline have left the table and the crew is talking about them having a baby and naming it after the Yacht. Lol, well mostly Kate.

Oh great, Rhylee is annoyed Caroline likes Chandler. The crew is back at the boat and Rhylee is asking Caroline if she and Chandler have a thing. Now Chandler is walking in and she can clearly see the sexual chemistry. Rhylee literally won’t drop it.

Kate and Josiah are wasted and I love it! Oh man, Caroline just heard Kate ask Josiah who he would fire, if he could fire anyone? And Kate said Caroline. Caroline walked in the room and said she heard them and Kate said they could talk about it. Then Caroline said she’d prefer to talk about it another time and left the room. Lol. I’m not going to lie, that was a little “meangirl” ish, but Kate is buzzed. She’s probably been trying to deal with it sober and her drunk self said the truth. Can’t wait for next week’s episode when they talk it out!




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