RHOC – S13 E14 Blow Up

Shannon Beador, Kelly Dodd, Tamra Judge & Vicki Gunvalson Real Housewives of Orange County– S13 E14 Blow Up

Omg Shannon and Vicki are too behind for dinner and they’re sweating their butts off! So Gina, Emily, Kelly and Tamra are going without them. Gina’s already talking shit. Shannon and Vicki are on their way now. Tamra’s complaining in her confessional that they were an HR late. She would not make it on other franchises if she has an issue with them arriving late lol! Imagine if she was meeting Dorit?!

OMG Kelly is such a hussie. Her “pickup line” is so slutty. Lol. Shannon is literally complaining under her breath AT the table about how bored she is. It’s hilarious! No one else is enjoying it though. I’m starting to think there’s about to be a fight.

Oh great, here come the newbie’s, they’re attacking Shannon. Omg the women are going at her! They’re like vultures! Oh god, now Shannon’s attacking Emily out of nowhere. Now Gina told Shannon that Tamra doesn’t think she’s a good friend. Shannon walked away from the table and now Tamra is following her to the bathroom.

Lol, the ladies are leaving and Vicki said it’s best to put a pin in it. Lol! Vicki said she’s going to play it neutral and be on Switzerland. Oh great, now Shannon’s making it about her. It’s true, she does seem constantly negative. I’m seeing Tamra’s side.

Lol, Shannon says she needs a break, so now everyone has to sit in silence. Now she wants to take her mic off and I don’t think that’s fair. She said just because she feels blindsided she can have a moment. I lovvvvve Tamra! I’m sorry, she’s the best. Not sure why everyone is saying she’s back to being evil?

Okay, now all 5 women are downstairs at the bar talking shit about her. I feel bad for Shannon. Now it’s just Kelly, Tamra and Vicki. They’re saying Shannon has depression and calls all of them in the middle of the night all the time.

Okay, Shannon is losssssssing it! She said she defended Vicki! When the hell did that happen? Yesssss, Vicki just brought it up! Man this shit is getting crazy! Shannon is not getting that they are coming from a good place. Lol, now the women are telling her to get on medication. Omg she just keeps chasing them around and saying you know what, you know what.

Well Tamra walked away. She’s over it. Holy crap, it sounds like she calls A LOT! Lol Tamra is just throwing her stuff in her bag and saying, shut the F up lol! She’s my hero. Shannon is crazy right now! She just yelled at Tamra for no reason! She is acting mental!! Damn, that fight was intense (between Shannon and Tamra)! Not sure how they’re going to come back from that? Shannon loves to hold a grudge.

Next AM. Tamra’s wearing a bikini and she looks amazing! Lol. Kelly’s calling her daughter and her voice is so cute! Hahaha! Vicki has a face mask on and she looks hilarious.

Shannon’s phone is off. #dramatic. The girls are going bobsledding, assuming she won’t end up joining. All the girls (for the most part) have called and texted her, they are trying to reach her and she’s continuing to ignore them. #mature. I can’t believe Vicki’s outfit! Looks like the outfit Phaedra wore in the past! Except she doesn’t have a thong on! Lol.

Yessss, Eddie just texted Tamra and he was basically on the exact same page as her. Vicki is trying to change the subject. Gina says she wished she was there, ya right, I don’t believe that.

Vicki just twerked and someone from the bobsled staff walked up and was like, whatttt? Lol. It was so funny!

Now they’re bobsledding, I have a feeling there is going to be a lot of yelling! Lol. Gina just did the whole bobsledding by herself and she was so bored, meanwhile, the other ladies had the time of their lives lol!

Vicki just said Shannon needed an XL tank top! Shade? Hmm…Kelly and Tamra were just talking about Vicki’s butt in the stairwell. Tamra asked her if she got butt implants? What do you think? OMG Tamra just forgot who they were missing! Lol. Do we think that’s for real?

Vicki texted Shannon, but she didn’t answer…I wonder if she’ll leave? Housewives on other franchises have been known to leave girls trips. Oh man, Vicki just said that Shannon was drinking last night and “self-medicating”. The girls are saying she shouldn’t drink if she’s depressed. So now she’s depressed and an alcoholic?




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