Below Deck – S6 E3 I’m Also A Boat Captain!

Kate Chastain, Ross Inia & Rhylee Gerber Below Deck – S6 E3 I’m Also A Boat Captain!

Okay, so picking up where we left off. Rhylee is explaining the situation to the rest of the crew. It’s like TMI girl. Now Chandler is coming out of his room to defend himself. Seriously bad choice of location for his bunk. Lol. She’s just one of those girls who automatically sounds like screaming. Kate is giving her good advice Rhylee. Then she tells her, “I would go to sleep, because you have to be up at 6AM”. Lol. Everyone on the deck crew is grouchy because they have to get up early.

Suuuuch awkward tension between the deck crew! Interior is laughing at them, Kate said she would never punish them like that. Geez, all Rhylee does is call Chandler a prick over and over.

Well Kate’s dream charter guests are arriving to celebrate their recent engagement, so that part should be easy. Adrian is like the best chef ever. Lol. Ummm..Caroline just started crying and hyperventilating out of nowhere. WTF apparently its about her mom?

Chef Adrian looks so goofy in his interviews, but I love him in action/on TV.

Oh mannnn here comes the convo with Chandler and Rhylee. So far it’s going okay, he’s taking accountability immediately. Not sure how Rhylee feels about the way that went? He kept it to the point, but didn’t really let her talk lol.

Kate loves Josiah so much haha. It just automatically makes me love him! Adrian says he wants to make up for the (past) guest’s experience with a horrible chef. I don’t even remember who that chef was? Oh yeah, now I do. Huge DOUCHE.

I’m not sure how I like the interior of this boat. It’s a little extra, and not in a good way IMO.

Wow now it looks like the entire deck crew is against Rhylee. Looks like serious man vs woman drama. Wooooow Chandler literally just said you’re 1., 2. and 3. Wow.

Kate just asked them to move the luggage and Chandler is more concerned with his team meeting. Then Captain Lee gets on the walkie talkie and they do it immediately.  Seems like Chandler needs to get his head out of his butt. I feel so bad for this couple. Now there’s a rainstorm and they had to rush inside while getting their massages! Talk about bad luck.

I think this is the smoothest chef relationship that Kate has ever had on Below Deck. She loves Ben, but they bicker. Her situation with Adrian is perfect, and the season is just beginning!

Ugh oh, looks like I jinxed it and Chef Adrian is fing up. He made veal, and none of the guests eat veal. Either do I (that’s gross and horrible)!

Oh god, now the guests are trying to be nice, but they are pissed. OMG they are happy with the meal! Or should I say veal? Chef Adrian screwed up the meal so he’s sucking up making a dessert he knows they’ll love!

Caroline is asking Chandler for a simple task to help with after the guests have went to sleepp and he’s making excuses and not helping her. He is terrible!

The guests are going to the caves and they sent them with the two newbies, Ross and Rhylee. Now Ross is freaking out because he insisted on letting the guests swim. Even though Rhylee said they shouldn’t have went into the water in the first place.

Ross and Rhylee are trying to talk through the situation and she’s freaking out about it. I think she’s going to get fired.

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