RHOC – S13 E13 Heat Waves and Hot Flashes

Tamra Judge, Gina Kirschenheiter & Emily Simpson Real Housewives of Orange County – S13 E13 Heat Waves and Hot Flashes

Jamaican trip coming up this episode! Apparently, Shannon and Tamra are going to have a feud. Shannon’s arriving first and swears she’s ready to have fun!

OMG I love these hats (dreadlock themed) and Vicki asking if the driver will be mad at them for wearing them, haha! Oh god, now we’re hearing about her sex life. I could live without that info. Omg their drinks are amazing! They’re the colors of the Jamaican flag! Lol they were just discussing who was staying with who and Shannon is like not me (going with Gina and Emily)!

Shannon is giving off talk to the hand vibes, but maybe she’ll come around? Tamra just said that Gina and Emily are, “her friends” and she’s the one that, “introduced them to the group”, which I guess is true? Just kind of surprised she’s taking ownership of that. Lately she has been talking crap about Emily saying she doesn’t want her back next season. But still hangs with Gina. From what I remember, Emily introduced Gina to Tamra?

Ughh Kelly annoys me. She’s talking about how she’s more worried about STDs than Zika, not surprised.

Awe, I feel bad for Shannon. How did she not know her lease was up? Um okay Kelly, getting all high and mighty because she has volunteered twice. I mean, yes, I’m proud of her, and she has a good point. But stop coming at Shannon, geez.

Okay, back to Gina’s divorce, I think this is the first time this episode, so makes sense. Okay, so Shannon is on her phone and Tamra’s giving her a hard time about it in her confessional.

Vicki just had a hot flash at the table and that was the “comedic” part of dinner. Sorry, don’t have much to say on that. Lol.

Whoa this beach in Jamaica looks incredible!! Okay, the girls are at the spa, and I’m sorry but Shannon looks sooo bad! She has lost a lot of weight since filming! She looks great now! Yikes, Vicki just told Kelly to shut the f**k up, but it was in a “joking” manner.

Okay, Tamra is saying she’s an enabler when it comes to Shannon, because she thinks Shannon is sad. But now she said she’s always negative! I mean, I believe Tamra, it’s just unfortunate. Okay, now Gina is taking it too far. Classic Gina.

Wow Gina just said “divorce is awesome”, like what the hell is wrong with this chick? I can’t handle her!

Lol, Shannon and Vicki just got back from the spa and they are talking to Tamra about her experience. Shannon does exactly what Tamra said, and says something negative right away! Lol.

I don’t get why Tamra is acting weird about Shannon and Vicki getting along. Isn’t this what she wanted? The three of them to get along?

This river ride is getting a littttttle weird. They’re all losing it in their own way. Now Tamra’s stirring the pot by mentioning the convo she had with Gina and Emily to Kelly. I know they’re friends and it’s only natural, but come on.

Kelly is crazy! She just went out and swung on the rope swing, but never let go! Surprised she didn’t hit her head. Shannon and Vicki are like besties this episode, and everyone else is on their own having fun.

Vicki is telling the bartender about she and Steve’s relationship. Venting away. Pretty funny, because they are all alone lol.

Shannon is having a rouuuuugh trip. She’s going to sit in the van because she’s hot. Now everyone is leaving. Tamra said she can’t handle Shannon being negative anymore and she’s about to blowup on her. Looks like next episode she does!

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