RHOD – 80’s Party

LeeAnne Locken, Brandi Redmond, Stephanie Hollman, Cary Dueber, Kameron Westcott & D’Andra Simmons Real Housewives of Dallas – 80’s Party

OMG the costumes on tonight’s episode look awesome! Well, mostly Brandi and Stephanie lol!

That whole painting situation was sooo awkward last week! Then when LeeAnne and D’Andra met, like idk it was just annoying. Idk where the bleep Rich cheating came from? But I don’t see that being true.

Ooooowww lovinnnng D’Andra’s top for her hang session with Brandi. Brandi is really letting loose now that she has a nanny. Lol. Omg Kam, Stephanie and LeeAnne are at lunch and they’re talking about vaginal rejuvenation. Stephanie says she pees herself all the time from having kids! Yuck haha! Pregnancy does not sound glorious lol.

D is talking such crap about LeeAnne’s relationship. D says she doesn’t want to point it out, but she is! Lol. OMG now Brandi is talking MAJOR crap hahah. She is so harsh but I love her. Lol. D’Andra says LeeAnne won’t tell her anything, but why would she when D comes at her so hardcore?

Oh man, now LeeAnne is telling Stephanie what Cary said! Yiikkes…so much drinking! Lol. Omg LeeAnne is hosting an event and D’Andra showed up there when it was 10 mins from ending AND she brought Brandi with her. Lol, are you serious? No offense, I love Brandi. But they were literally just talking about how much they don’t get along!

Oh, now D wants them to resolve their issues. Awkwardddd…haha! Brandi and LeeAnne are literally talking such crap about each other its hilarious! Brandi is bringing up issues from years ago, but they still carry into today. She’s hammered lol. Looking back @ LeeAnne from season 1 is like night and day! Lol. I mean I see both sides! I hate this. Lol.

Kameron just met with Cort to have a conference call with a distributor and for once he’s being supportive. I just think he wants her to be a stay at home mom, that’s his only issue. Maybe she’ll prove she can do both!

Stephanie just got her vaginal rejuvenation and it took like 5 seconds lol! Cary mentioned she told LeeAnne about what Brandi said and Stephanie was overall supportive. But she basically said (to Cary) that she “didn’t want to look like a pot stirrer”, about 10 times. Lol. I wonder how Brandi is going to deal with this.

Brandi is picking up Stephanie for Prom and they look amazing!! God I love them soooo much!! Lol I love how LeeAnne talks about how Kameron is rich and that’s why she’s the honorary chair and that she has been it before lol! LeeAnne looks sad, but pretty!

Loving this convo between Stephanie and Brandi, just wish they could see their interviews! Lol. They are pretty much saying the opposite.

I’m glad Cary is standing up for Brandi to LeeAnne (about being wasted haha). OMG Kameron just walked away from Brandi because she said her outfit was “too much”. Too much amazingness!! I’m sorry but some of D’Andra’s outfit choices are so unflattering. Burrrrrrn LeeAnne just said D’Andra looks like she did yesterday (in regard to her 80’s style).

Hmm…Brandi pulled LeeAnne away to tell her there’s no way she’s changed. Like come on Brandi, kind of rude. I feel like Brandi is digging right now to set LeeAnne off…? So confused. Why does she care? OMG LeeAnne just went there and I’m into it. Classic LeeAnne. Now LeeAnne’s jealous? OMG. Yikes, and she just took a major low blow @ D’Andra! Well, Brandi basically let Cary off the hook.

Yesssss I am sooo happy LeeAnne won queen! Haha!! Right after D just freaked out for no reason!

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