RHOC – S13 E12 Nice to Meet You…Again

Shannon Beador Real Housewives of Orange County – S13 E12 Nice to Meet You…Again

Darn, Shannon’s trainer doesn’t look as hot as last time! Lol. Wow opening the episode with Gina and Emily huh? Gina’s complaining that Shannon doesn’t like her. But we all know Shannon never likes the new people their first season.

Omg this divorce situation is just continuing to be awkward and weird. Now Gina is going to switch in and out of the house with her ex? Emily just used the example of him dating someone else? Does she know something we don’t? Gina said she’s not scared of Matt dating, she’s scared of being alone? Rigggght girl, okay.

Poor Eddie! I hate to see him going through this heart situation! I’m pretty sure they finally found a cure? Like literally right when the season started.

Okay, I’m not going to lie, I’m starting to love Shannon again, and feel for her. I don’t want to get ahead of myself. But idk, it’s just weird. I was so against her at the beginning of the season. But the weight loss journey, divorce and now her healthy food launch! Idk, I’m just very team Shannon!

The get together is starting and Gina is complaining about Shannon hating her. Lol. I feel like all the ladies are being fake friends right now. Gina is having a breakdown about not going on vacation with her ex. Maybe she’s coming off like she has no feelings because she doesn’t want to show her feelings on camera? Love that Shannon is being like Ms. Honesty about divorce.

Damn Shannon’s food looks amazing! Lol. Omg Shannon is pushing the booze like she did last season! Who did she do that with again? Haha.

Awe yay, Kelly is volunteering again! I’m so bummed, Kelly stillll has me blocked? I don’t get it. Lol, nothing I say is that harsh.

Ugh, now Kelly and Gina are hanging, my two least favs. At least Kelly is telling Gina it’s nothing personal and this is how it goes with Shannon.

Okay, Shane and Emily are having brunch. Seems a little tense. Ugh, it’s like he wants to come off as an ass on tv lol. I’m confused.

I love Vicky and Steve! This is so cute that they are bonding with Michael and his GF (and Steve’s daughter and boyfriend). Haha everyone was complaining the drinks were stiff and Steve said it was perfect! I’m so confused because Vicki says she can’t let loose dating him? There were rumors Vicki and Steve wed this weekend, but he confirmed it was just a rumor! Haha Vicki loves making people feel awkward!

Emily is bumming me out talking about destroying her embryos. Or whatever. I’m not a mom and my eggs aren’t frozen, so I definitely don’t get it. I’d think she’s rich enough to get a non-relative surrogate and implant a female embryo, to give her a baby girl. I guess being rich doesn’t solve all your problems.

Kelly and Shannon are meeting for lunch. Wow, Kelly just said she and Michael hung out and got along as friends. Lol! Lovvvvvving Shannon right now! Talking about her ugly divorce! Yes, Kelly is encouraging drama with Gina. Shannon is being niceeee! Come on Gina, get over it!

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