Below Deck – S6 E2 Foam, Party of One

Kate Chastain & Josiah Carter Below Deck – S6 E2 Foam, Party of One

So excited for this new episode of Below Deck! I love this show!! Kate and Captain Lee = me. Haha! Can’t believe this guest left without a helmet and wouldn’t listen to Captain Lee! Lol. Rebel.

Seems like the Bosun just sits around and barks orders. Uh oh, guest is complaining about breakfast. Yesss I love that Kate puts the guest in his place. She does RBF so well!

This is so awk between the chef and new girl (Caroline). She literally just admitted she has parental issues and talked crap about them. I guess I’m lucky? Just think it’s so weird when people have issues with their family.

Omg this primary charter guest is being a real pain in the ass. Lol! It’s too dangerous to get on the beach (annoying Bosun told us that), so they are canceling the beach day and the primary is having a fit.

Oh gosh, Caroline is crying…awkward. That’s apparently the new stew’s name, maybe by next episode I’ll remember. I love all of Captain Lee’s outfits haha.

Idk why they always have a female deck crew? There’s always conflict! Guess that’s probably why? Lol! Awee Kate is at least trying to make Caroline feel comfortable. Lol the primary is all alone in the Jacuzzi with his self-brought foam! Josiah just said my fav line of the episode, sorry I can’t, I’m not allowed. Haha!

Ugh oh, the deck crew is nottttt going well. They just fucked up in front of the primary charter guest and he said he even knew what to do! Lol. Seems like the Bosun just tried to fix it, but Captain Lee doesn’t care lol!

Captain Lee is awesome, guest have left. Josiah is talking about being gay and it’s making me love him. Lol. He is kind of too serious, but still, I’m a fan.

Oh god Chandler is being douchey. He seems lame. This girl is being obnoxious though! Idk what her name is. Lol. Oh it’s Riley. Chandler is horrible. Yessss interior is being amazing! They’re listening in on the drama.

Yikes Ross is just trying to be neutral and Riley is losing it. Lol. Sorry but her features are sooo strong and she looks kind of manly…? Eek.

Ughhh this deck crew situation is rough. I’m glad interior had a good episode though! Can’t wait for next week! Looks like Riley might get fired?

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