RHOD – S3 E8 Off The Leash

LeeAnne Locken & D’Andra Simmons Real Housewives of Dallas – S3 E8 Off The Leash

Can’t wait to see what happens this episode of RHOD! OMG Kam’s kids are soo cute! I love that she encourages them to learn Spanish! Haha she’s hilarious! Geez all Kort does is make fun of Kameron! He better be nice to her in private!

D’Andra’s stepson actually looks like he likes her! Holy crap, what a 180 with him! Oh wait, this is a different son! Lol! Yikes, Mama D just said for Cohen to put earmuffs on! Lol! Good luck D’Andra! OMG Mama D is giving over the company to D! Haha now she won’t have $200 in her shopping account! Lol. OMG she just basically said she has 50/50 faith in her! Wow I’m shocked that just happened. I’ll believe it when I see it!

Aweee Stephanie is such a good mom! She is so scared about Travis leaving, but I think she will be OK. At least she doesn’t freak out! That’s the worst! I think she handled that as best as she could…

Lol LeeAnne is talking to her dog, welcome to my life. Lol! She just said she scares kids! Love her! All Rich does is make jokes! Kind of annoying right now. Well at least he prepared a list. Awe, I feel bad for LeeAnne and D’Andra’s relationship! Yikes, she’s declining her calls?…Awkward!

Cary is hilarious! I love she and Mark! Omg looking at these pics of Cary growing up. I wasn’t even alive! Lol. Awe her daughter is so cute! Just found out, Cary has daddy issues. Lol.

OMG Kam with her dog stroller. She’s hilarious. Wow Kam is a great party planner! I’m excited to see this. Lol. Yikes, D just said her strategy with LeeAnne is to ignore her! That’s not going to go well…

Brandi got a nanny, love that! Haha. Omg she just compared her dog to LeeAnne…kind of harsh lol! Omg her daughter is crying because she’s too hot. These girls are brats, no offense lol! Haha she is hilarious! I love Brandi, at least she admits her kids are horrible.

Brandi is like me when it comes to painting, not the best! Lol. Haha Stephanie just made fun of Zuri’s painting! Come on Steph, she’s a kid! Haha, LeeAnne’s dog just shit! OMG LeeAnne ate a dog treat!

Awe poor LeeAnne, no one is talking to her haha. Yikes, she’s pulling Cary aside! I’m scared! Lol! I love Cary!! OMG she just told her about what Brandi said! Knew that was coming. Lol Brandi is so ready to go be with Baby Bruin! I’m happy she’s so obsessed with him!

Everyone left but LeeAnne, D’Andra and Kameron and it’s awwwwkward!! I can’t believe D’Andra is that pissed about it? I mean, friends make mistakes. OMG D’Andra looks baddd in the outfit she decided to wear to meet LeeAnne. I feel like D’Andra has the right to be upset, but it’s time to move on. If she’s that great of a friend? I get that she’s annoyed but my god. What the hell, now she’s asking if Rich is faithful? Where is this coming from? Okay, well that was awkward. Not sure they’re going to make up?

OMG Next week looks phenomenal!! I can’t wait for Brandi and Stephanie!! Lol!

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