RHOD – S3 E7 Babes in Brandiland

Stephanie Hollman & Brandi Redmond Real Housewives of Dallas – S3 E7 Babes in Brandiland 

Can’t wait to see what happens this week on RHOD! I know in the previews, Cary is stirring up some drama! V excited! Kam stands by the fact that she said she thinks Brandi could be a bad influence on D (per her blog).

Yesss! The episode is starting with Stephanie & Brandi, so you know it will be good! 😉 Lol Stephanie’s hilarious! She said she wants to smash all the feelings back down (from LeeAnne’s smash party) with a spa day! They’re auditioning male models for her spa day!! Haha. Those guys looked okay…I feel like there are hotter Dallas guys out there?

LeeAnne and Kam are recapping the smash party from Hell! LeeAnne says D was putting on a show! Maybe they should have put that scene up for Real Housewives Awards – Best Actress?! Lol. Yessss, Kam is calling out Cary for playing both sides. Lol but I think Cary will just own it! She’s already said, if you tell me something, I WILL go tell the other person. Kam say’s be different in the business world, Pink dog food is def different!

Brandi’s clothing line, Brandiland is amazing! I don’t have a job right now…lol! Or I’d buy a ton of stuff! Hopefully I’ll be rich soon and will be able to #support! Brandi’s stuff is actually legit cute! Like Sonja’s stuff, it’s OK. Some stuff I like, some I’m like eh. Beverly Beach By Dorit – not sure I’m a fan…still waiting to see something that wows me! OMG Brandi just made great commentary in her confessional (watch the episode to see it), I LOVE her. Not into all these people who aren’t fans of her! Dammn LeeAnne is bashing Brandi’s clothing line! Holy crap! D’Andra is going in on LeeAnne! She just said she stole money out of her (literal) piggy bank! Then said she used the money on her hair extensions! Girl is coming after her!

Kam is confronting Cary, she looks caught off guard. I’m glad she’s at least talking to her about it! Lol, Cary’s reaction!! Haha! I lovvvvvvve her! Well, that might be an exaggeration. But she is my 3rd fav. Lol I’m just realizing that everyone basically has palm trees on their clothes! Vacation wear is accurate! Lol.

Uh oh, now Kam is pointing HER finger. Fuck. Haha! Oh man, here comes the drama!!! Cary called Stephanie over, and Kam lost it. Stephanie is so pretty! I’m obsessed w her! Lol!

Whoa bad timing…Kam just intervened right when D was telling LeeAnne she’s worried about their relationship! Truth comes out, D doesn’t want Kam running and telling everyone she has no money!  She literally said she’s only worried about Kam. Haha, sorry Kam. Ok now LeeAnne is crying to D’Andra, but this seems fake AF. I guess Cary and Kam worked it out? Lol. Uh oh, Cary tried to fix her relationship w Kam by saying she saved her from a prank with Brandi, Kam then told Brandi and Brandi is calling BS. And I don’t mean Brandi & Stephanie!

Lol Stephanie and LeeAnne are becoming friends and LeeAnne is like over the moon about it! Haha. Stephanie just made it very clear she will never not be besties with Brandi and Brandi is #1! Hahah.

Yessss, Brandi is pissed at Cary! I wonder if she feels differently now that she’s seen the footage? I’m so happy Stephanie is talking to Brandi! She is such a good friend!

Moving on to spa day. OMG Stephanie got the cutest robes for the girls! Whoa LeeAnne seems like she’s in a badddd mood. Her shirt says, I’d rather be w my dog. Who would wear that to a spa party? Like, wrong message girl. Lol. Then she didn’t like the models at the door? Who would complain about that? Lol.

Cary is hilarious talking about, “the kangaroo guy”. Okay, now Brandi is talking to Cary about the Kam comment. At first it doesn’t seem like Cary is really listening, but then she responds and it seems legit. Easy enough, they’re fine.

Stephanie is saying her relationship with LeeAnne is progressing and getting better, I wonder how she will feel after seeing the footage from today of her walking in her house? Lol. I don’t get why people think that Brandi has so much influence over people? I hope Brandi can trust Cary to keep this between them! She is going to town about LeeAnne! Haha! Now Cary is saying that!! Omg. I’m kind of shocked…she’s not even loyal to Brandi now?!

Kam’s husband is hilarious! She’s recapping her recent business trip. He’s so semi rude, but very supportive! He looks annoyed that she wants to continue to pursue Sparkle Dog. Why can’t she be a mom and an entrepreneur? Until next week!

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