RHOC – S13 E10 Italian Night Fight

Tamra Judge, Shannon Beador & Gina Kirschenheiter Real Housewives of Orange County – S13 E10 Italian Night Fight

I’m about to start the new episode of RHOC from last night, and the front picture is Kelly with her mouth open! Great, another loud mouth Kelly episode. I mean yes, we need her for entertainment, but can someone else help us out here? I’m kind of over her, and I used to love her!

Oh ya, Gina went after Shannon last week…let’s see what happens tonight! The mid-season trailer looks like everyone is against Shannon! Which I feel a little bad about. I was not a huge fan of hers to start out this season, but I’m starting to love her (again) now. I think because I like her in real life, and by real life, I mean social media! Lol!

Wellll just tried tagging Kelly Dodd in a post, #blocked. Must have offended her. Lol! The reconciliation meeting between Kelly and Emily was too easy! I agree, I don’t think men should get involved in fights with women, but guess what, its 2018! These things happen. Women want to be treated equal right? Wow Kelly just said that Steve dumped Vicki and she didn’t tell anyone. Now Kelly’s telling the world! OMG! AND now she said that Vicki’s house is a revolving door of men!! It seems like all Kelly talks about is the men SHE’s been with lately! At least men WANT to stay with Vicki!

Yaayyyy family time with Emily & Gina! Haha jk. I don’t mind Emily’s kids or family…lol! They’re recapping how Gina came at Shannon the other day out of nowhere. Ugh, Gina just continues to annoy me. She just said that she’s always right. Like idk Gina. She keeps saying she’s going through a lot but it doesn’t seem like she is to me! I think her 7 mins of fame has went to her head!

Vicki and Tamra scene, hopefully she tells her what Kelly said! Seriously low blow. Vicki just said she gets insecure and she shows it in front of Steve?! Lol! Girl, everyone knows that is NOT good! Lol. All women do it in one way or another though. Whoa, Vicki just said Steve has more money than she does! Helllllo Steve! Jk! I’m choosing to believe Vicki this season! Yessss, Vicki is going to get her (Kelly)! Uggh Kelly is terrible! They just showed a clip of the way she treated Michael, I mean yeah, he’s not thattt good looking, but she is a LOT to handle!

Thank you! Tamra and Vicki agree, this divorce situation with Gina is weird! I love that it’s Vicki’s opinion or no one’s, lol!

Now Gina and Kelly are meeting to walk stairs. Lol! All the mountains in Cali and these girls choose 50 stairs. At least they’re talking about her divorce! Phew, I’m not alone! Everyone thinks this situation is odd!! Gina just seems like she woke up one day and was like, I’m going to get divorced. She’s almost acting like it’s cool or something. She is definitely the most-calm divorcee I’ve ever seen. Kelly is trying to talk sense into her, but she doesn’t seem to care.

Yayyy Vicki’s having a dinner party! I’m into this. Uh oh, Shane wants an apology from Kelly! I wonder how that’s going to go. Lol. Emily admitted she’s scared to ask Kelly because Kelly is scary! Haha! I feel like Emily could take her!

OMG Kelly agrees to say sorry to Shane!! I’m shocked!! These women in the kitchen are a joke! This is no RHONJ, that’s fore sure! No one knows how to cook! Kelly’s flirting and grabbing her boobs (not surprised).

Kelly is bringing up crap about Tarma telling Vicki what Kelly said, trying to cover her ass. Vicki’s changing the subject, she doesn’t want drama.

The girls are just trying to understand what is going on and shake Gina out of this, “divorce” situation. Holy crap this is getting heated! Shannon just said, “wait until it comes down to the finances”, (in regard to divorce) and Gina said they don’t care about money. Shannon lost it! Lol!! Uh oh, Gina just said she doesn’t believe in God! Wow I can’t believe it! Even Kelly believes in God!

Whoa Vicki just said clearly, someone’s having an affair (in Gina’s relationship). Now Gina is calling her ex for a “pep talk”. It seems like HE has to tell HER why they are getting divorced and why it, “makes sense”. I lovvvvve Shannon’s stance on divorce right now. Angry! I am team Shannon if I have to pick one (vs. Gina). Lol Vicki’s “good luck” to Gina seemed a little sarcastic.

Lol how many times do we have to see Kelly freak out on Shane? I’m over this clip! Oh great, now Kelly is blaming her divorce on the reason she attacked him. Kelly is petting Emily’s dog on her lap and won’t let it go! lol. I think it’s like therapeutic for her or something? Shane and Kelly are not going to get along…ever.

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