RHOD – S3 E6 Smashing Friendships

Travis & Stephanie Hollman, D’Andra Simmons, LeeAnne Locken & Cary Deuber Real Houeswives of Dallas – S3 E6 Smashing Friendships

Yessss, that time of the week for my #fav show currently on Bravo! Can’t wait for this episode to start! I’ve been studying for my Real Estate test tomorrow, so I’m blogging a day late (sorry)! I’ve already noticed some comments on #IG about LeeAnne spilling D’Andra’s money problems to the group. We’ll see who’s side I’m on by the time I’m done typing! lol. I give D sooooo much credit for branching off and trying to do it on her own!

Lol I feel like every episode starts w Bruin crying now! Haha! OMG the girls (Brandi’s daughters) impressions of Brandi are hilarious! “Always talking to Stephanie”! lol. Her daughters seem like a realllllllll handful, I’m not going to lie! Lol I love that she just said her kids are just like, their mama! Haha she just called them little shits! That’s why I love her!

Okay, Kam is going to be running a booth @ an EXPO, can’t wait to see how this goes! I feel like she’s doing well now though, thanks to #RHOD and all…I did read that dogs were getting sick from her brand (after last season).

LeeAnne and D’Andra are grabbing a bite and catching up. I think this is good, since they have been besties for the past 2 seasons…glad they’re hanging out. LeeAnne is going to throw an event @ the, “Anger Room”, where you smash things and take out your frustrations? Lol! Love it! Best place ever for this group!

I give D so much credit. I hope she DOES branch out on her own, just to show she can do it! Seems like her mom is trying her hardest to twist her arm and keep her in the business. HOLY CRAP!! D’Andra was being honest about all the luxuries she has in life and owning it, and now LeeAnne is coming at her! Haha! She just called her lazy and a princess! I wonder if she’s going to react like Candace from #RHOP?! Now LeeAnne is saying it’s her (D’s) fault? Haha how is the way she was raised HER fault? Yikes, LeeAnne is admitting she is coming at her tough, due to their conversation about Rich in Beaver Creek. D’Andra is now getting defensive and pissed, and I don’t blame her!

New scene…LeeAnne is now meeting w one of her “closest friends” and wedding planner. But when @BravoTV flashes back, they show him being shocked @ their 8 year anniversary, if he’s such a good friend, shouldn’t he know how long they’ve been together? Anyway, moving on. Rich just made a joke about the wedding planners jacket. I can’t believe he’s taking this seriously! Yay!! LeeAnne is thinking 500-1,000 people will attend and Rich said he doesn’t even like that many people?! Haha! OMG either Rich is getting nervous, or the music is messing w my head! Probably the latter.

WTHeck why is LeeAnne coming at D’Andra AGAIN? I guess she didn’t feel supported by D, but D was coming from a good place? IMO.

Yay Cary & D’Andra are hanging! I’m interested to see how she reacts to D, in comparison w the way LeeAnne did. Aweeee, D’s having a moment. She’s getting #emo and scared. WTF! Cary just dropped a bomb! Are you kidding me? I need the proof, of this exact wording. I can’t believe LeeAnne said that! Just to fill you in, Cary just told D that LeeAnne told her (Cary) that D was poor and only had $200 in her bank account! This is notttttt going to go well! Lol. Glad there’s drama though! I am Team D right now. Not surprised, I’m never on LeeAnne’s team when there’s drama. Lol! She brings the drama! Lovvve her, especially when she’s causing trouble!

Yayyyy, finally my #fav Stephanie!! I love her and Travis sooo much! They are amazing giving back to employees and sending children to college! They are such good people! It’s so rewarding to witness wealthy people giving back! I can’t believe what Travis went through growing up! That just shows you can overcome anything! He’s inspiring!

Yesss, here comes the girls anger management activity! Cary just said she doesn’t understand why LeeAnne has a mustache on! Lol!! I love Cary! Brandi and D’Andra are driving in the limo together. I wonder if that will make LeeAnne jealous? Oh man, now D just said she’s furious w LeeAnne and the main issue is going to be between them! Haha. LeeAnne is not going to see this coming…

Oh shit, here comes Brandi calling out LeeAnne for throwing friends under the bus when they are having a low moment. Not going to lie, that’s a good point Brandi! I never realized that, (aka forgot she called her out last season)!

Oh god Kam just flew in for the party! She is also concerned about LeeAnne’s mustache! Dammmmnnn D is STILL talking about how pissed she is! I love these pink under-eye patches! Yikes! The way the woman on staff just acknowledged the process made me real scared! Lol. OMG recapping last season’s tea event! ❤ I love #RHOD! Thank you for the reminder! Whoa LeeAnne just said people (in the group) are fake! They haven’t even started breaking stuff and D is coming at LeeAnne! Lol Stephanie’s face, she looks so uncomfortable! Haha Kam just said, “was it her Starbucks bank account?”, in her interview, I love Kam in confessional, that’s where some of her best moments take place! Okay, D is losing it! Omg she’s now bawling her eyes out. LeeAnne apologizes, but idk if it matters anymore. I hope they can get through this? Of course, Stephanie steps in like an angel! Love her! I don’t agree w D, as far as LeeAnne is, “enjoying her having financial troubles”. But I also don’t think it was right for her to mention it to Cary, luckily, not my problem! lol.

I think LeeAnne might kill Cary. Haha! I love that Cary said if you talk shit, she’s going to tell people! Except that Brandi adopted a baby, right? #loyalty. I have a feeling she wouldn’t share “everything”, just depends on the person. Haha! Stephanie said she’s not perfect and Brandi reacted the same as me (and I’m sure the rest of America), but “I think you’re perfect”!

Brandi is breaking down, I don’t blame her. She definitely has a good poker face! Oh man, she’s going to confront LeeAnne now! OMG now Kam is admitting she was concerned about Brandi influencing D! Hahaha! Yassss Kam, I like when she causes issues.

Why is Brandi walking away? Just because Brandi is a free spirit doesn’t mean she’s a bad influence! I am totally Team Brandi right now! Guess what? I like the person Brandi is! She doesn’t need this right now w the adoption!

Although, I don’t blame LeeAnne for being hurt. Brandi definitely screwed her over last season. She just used her while she and Stephanie were fighting. Ugh, now D’Andra is walking away? Awkward.

Previews show Cary having issues w two of the ladies next episode!! Can’t wait!!

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