RHOC – S13 E9 A Peace Treaty, A Blind Date, And a Divorce No One Understands

Tamra Judge, Vicki Gunvalson, Steve Lodge, Emily Simpson, Shannon Beador & Gina Kirschenheiter Real Housewives of Orange County – S13 E9 A Peace Treaty, A Blind Date, And a Divorce No One Understands

Everyone has been attacking Shane hardcore since last week’s episode! Haha I love Steve so much! Kelly is right, but she’s horrible at confrontation.

Gina’s trying her best to make it better, but there’s no stopping this. Emily is gone haha. Here comes Tamra hahaha! Lol seeing Tamra’s reaction to Kelly being called a bitch. Yessss, recap of all of Kelly’s worst moments. How did they not include the plate throwing?

Yikes, seems like Shane is trying to control the situation. I’m sure he just wants Emily to chill so they can leave lol! Shane’s basically asking to leave lol! But Emily is staying.

Wow now Kelly is saying she’s going to get a lawyer and sue her! I know she’s not being serious, but come on. Lol. People just throw around I’m going to sue nonstop, especially in the world of Bravo! Have you seen the recent tabloids?

Yes, Steve! She (Kelly) hates Steve because he’s friends w Mike, truth. OMG hitting it and quitting it?! Wow Kelly is the biggest idiot, I’m sorry. She just asked if the Pope was Catholic?!

OMG I am obsessssed w Tamra’s top!! Oh great, now Vicki is printing the convo w Steve? Come on Vicki, we already know what he said. Or what Kelly says he said. Like this is reminding me of Brookes.

Yessss I am so glad that Tamra told Vicki what Kelly said! Everyone is always after what she has?! Come on Vicki, idk if that’s true. Tamra’s got it the best. OMG Shannon’s reaction to the cat comment!!! Holy crap Shannon is in heels! Come on girl! He’s def a gentleman! Who is this guy? Is he important? I like that the restaurant is acting like he’s so important! Come on guy, he won’t stop talking about his ex! What the heck. Lol. And he referenced David as her, Husband. Awkward.

Oh wow, Steve was just shown buying Vicki a bday present, kind of ironic since apparently, per Kelly, he is using her for money.

I’m sorry, but Gina doesn’t seem upset about this divorce WHATSOEVER. Haha no one thought your relationship was perfect gf! Come on. Sorry, but this divorce doesn’t affect me lol. Idk, this relationship seems like a joke to me! She doesn’t even seem sad, lol I can’t believe she just said she didn’t want to be sad like Shannon. Seeing Gina get through divorce compared to literally every other housewife, lol, is a 360 degree difference!

OMG! Steve through Vicki a surprise bday party! Go Steve!! This is the guy who, “doesn’t love her” come on! Awkward, now Vicki is bringing up marrying Steve again! Do we have to hear about this every episode? OMG Vicki just brought up how Kelly said she was jealous of her and Steve’s relationship last season…I don’t remember that? Lol. Come on, where’s the flashback now Bravo?!

How are these RHOC ladies constantly falling apart? Is that what I get to look forward to?! OMG Vicki is like laughing @ doctor moon in his face haha. Ruuuude. I can’t wait to see what he has to say about Vicki! Lol. OH great, now we’re talking about Brookes again!

Man, Gina’s kids are screwwwwed! They already have daddy issues, now they are getting divorced and it’s not even affected them (the parents). Finally tears! Sorry, not that I’m happy she’s sad, I’m just happy she’s at least showing emotion! Umm…she’s like looking at her phone in her confessional! Like girl, check yourself.

Okay, it’s time for the Emily/Kelly talk. Not sure how this is going to go…Kelly is so awkward she’s like looking around, already starting off flakey and rude. Hmm well I guess that went fine, they both owned their side of it. But I feel like that was wayyyy to easy to be over.

Oh, hey Tamra, love ya girl! Gina, the makeup looks horrible. Oh funnn Shannon is going to keep dating! Oh gosh here goes Gina again “opening up”. No one cares. I’m glad Tamra’s calling her out on her BS. Wow idk Gina is just so dumb, I can’t. Yes, Shannon is judging, thank you Shannon! Lol.

OMG now Gina is talking crap about Vicki’s relationship? She doesn’t even know the details. OMG now Tamra is going after Steve, AGAIN! Maybe Tamra’s right, I mean she has been her close friend for many seasons now. Ugh oh, here comes Shannon. Who does Gina think she is telling Shannon what she, “should” have done. Yikes, where is this tension coming from? OMG Tamra just told Gina that she is being ridiculous, yes Tamra, why do we like her?

Ugh, idk she annoys me. Yessss, can’t wait to see Vicki go after her next week!

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