Married to Medicine – S6 – E3 Crabby Ladies

Jackie Walters & Heavenly Kimes Married to Medicine – S6 – E3 Crabby Ladies

Excited to see where the drama left off! Looks like the ladies will be meeting up w Quad this episode, hopefully they will be supportive…? Lol. Still can’t believe Toya’s behavior toward Contessa. Well, I’m actually not surprised!

Awe, speaking of! I feel so bad for her about her dad. Now she’s hearing about Toya’s behavior.

Lol! I can’t believe Heavenly booked paint ball for them! Haha she is so angry! It’s true, Jackie didn’t avoid them while she went through (her own personal) situation. But everyone gets through pain differently. I mean come on, did Heavenly not realize how bad it hurts? Why does she think it’s a male sport/hobby? Clueless, but entertaining.

Simone is teaching Michael how to drive. She would be terrible to learn driving from! Lol!  Simone asks Michael if there’s anything Cecil needs to work on? No offense, but why is she encouraging him to talk bad about Cecil? Come on Simone.

This is sad to see Contessa with her father. At least she’s a doctor so she understands the seriousness. OMG this makes me so sad. Her husband is such an angel taking her kids out of the room so they can talk. I want a husband that is perfect like that! He looks really bad. I wonder how Toya feels after watching this? Hopefully bad and sorry.

Lol I love Mariah these days. I’m glad she is back on the show more permanently. Lol I can’t believe how tiny she was! Wow this conversation about sex is so awkward! Lol! But I guess she’s just being open about it. If she wants to feel grown up, she needs to start w that room!

OMG Toya’s moving again? Didn’t she just move? Lol so awkward, they just said the money is running out the door (due to the steps). Toya is talking about being in debt, I feel like it took them a hot min to “turn around” their financial issues. Why the heck did they take them to a place that is way over their budget?! Lol. What the heck? Eugene is the one who chose the place? Wow I am proud of her for saying no to the house!

OMG Heavenly calling all the girls to invite them to her party on Facetime is hilarious! Lol I can’t believe the crabs fell on the ground! Haha I can’t believe they just killed all those crabs lol!

Seems like Simone is pretty hurt by Quad. I love Simone, but I hope she doesn’t make it all about her. I’m so confused, why is Contessa saying she wanted a follow up call? OMG I can’t believe Contessa just said that the group is judgey? Lol. Seriously awkward tension between Quad and Simone when she sits down!

Yikes, now Simone is coming at her. Whoooooa all of a sudden Contessa jumps in and attacks Toya! OMG no one seemed to give a crap about Contessa just now haha. Wow now Simone walked out.

Haha here is the clip of Greg that Cecil referenced on Twitter. Shot Cecil! Lol. Poor Quad. Yikes, Contessa hates Toya lol! OMG I can’t believe that Mariah just hit Quad! WTF! Lol. This show is nuts!

I’m kind of surprised that Simone is being this tough on Quad. Lol I can’t believe Quad is fixing her eyelashes right now! Wow, now Quad is going to leave again…awkward.

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