RHOD – S3 E5

LeeAnne Locken & Kameron Westcott Real Housewives of Dallas – S3 E5

Bahaha! Did Kameron’s husband really just use the word badgering to describe her behavior? Brandi is seriously impressive the way she handles her composure with constant crying and 2 daughters. OMG this is rough lol, but she hasn’t lost it yet! Lol!! Chips and candy for dinner?! Haha!

LeeAnne and Rich, here we go. Rich just asked how the trip went…don’t worry Rich, they talked about your relationship! If a guy told me he’d set a date, to set a date, I would freak out too. Like, does he want to marry her or not? Oh wow, now he’s trying to wear the pants. She said NEITHER one of them want to do it? She doesn’t want this? What the heck? Awe, poor LeeAnne doesn’t feel loved! I believe Rich, but actions speak louder than words! Aweee yay!! Planning the wedding = the wedding! Let’s make it happen!

Lol the way Kameron talks cracks me up! I love that she has her kids help her w Sparkledog. Lol they said people won’t want to buy it! Poor Kam. Go Mommy! Keep up the good work, the kids will be fine @ home w the nanny! Prove it to the hub!

I wonder if D’Andra will actually walk away from her mother’s business. Loving all these Dallas Housewives making something of themselves.

I understand why D’Andra is concerned for LeeAnne, as an outsider looking in. But I am confident in Rich and LeeAnne, I guess we’ll see. What the heck is going on w LeeAnne, why is she being insecure? D’Andra needs to know LeeAnne is coming from a good place. That scene last season was AHMAZING (highlighting Brandi calling out LeeAnne @ her engagement party)!

HBD D’Andra! Lol Kameron’s outfit is pretty funny! Not exactly Rodeo vibes…I miss Stephanie! And Cary! Haha! These 4 ladies are still extremely entertaining though! Kind of weird that Stephanie and Cary are on WWHL, but haven’t even been in the episode yet! Woohoo! The stock yards! I’ve been there!

Lol!! I can’t believe Brandi had a beer bong w her!! LoL!! Kameron did a “champagne bong” in college! OMG Leeanne is like dying from the beer bong! Don’t throw up LeeAnne! OMG D’Andra – TMI about reverse cowgirl, I don’t need to know what Jeremy likes. They are both sexy though, I’ll give ya that.

Haha Kameron is hilarious! She is definitely a little more easy going this season, which is refreshing. OMG I love Cary and Mark! They are serious fashion snobs. Hmm Cary just acknowledged she has daddy issues. I wonder what’s that about? If she’s mentioned it in the past I missed it.

That popcorn looks soooo good! LeeAnne always makes digs at Brandi’s social status! Yikkkes, Brandi just made a comment about LeeAnne having mug shots. Lol Kameron is hilarious, she just said she’s conservative and fits right in. Whoa this is like battle of friend vs friend, Brandi vs LeeAnne.

Man, these girls are seriously jealous of D’Andra and Brandi’s relationship. Ugh oh, now D’Andra is kind of throwing LeeAnne under the bus…? I have a feeling Brandi is not going to let this go. We need more drama this season! It’s gotta go off soon…

We’re back. The girls are having a good time drinking. LeeAnne is getting “that look” in her eye. LeeAnne is like humping D’Andra! Hah I didn’t know that was her! Yikkkkes…this is NOT a good look. But sooo grateful for this moment!

Yay!! Stephanie is back! She was out of town wayyyy too long! Yesss Brandi just re-enacted LeeAnne’s dance moves and it was amazing. Yep, Brandi told Stephanie about what D’Andra said…told you it wasn’t over!

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