RHOC – S13 E8 Seeing Red

Kelly Dodd Real Housewives of Orange County – S13 E8 Seeing Red

So far, this season has been OK…I’m glad Tamra and Vicki are friends again. The drama between Shannon and Tamra is good, but IDK if it’s “enough”. The new housewives are bringing some drama, but I’m not in love w them yet. Emily is growing on me, Gina is sort of as well, but more so because I have to watch her. This episode shows promise of excitement! lol.

Picking up where we left off, Shannon storming away because Tamra upset her. I think Shannon likes Tamra, more than Tamra likes her.  Tamra seems to be bonding w the new girls a lot! OMG!! Shannon comes back to discuss the issue and Tamra interrupts, “you’re kind of making it about you”, God I love her! Okay, now Vicki is sucking up to Shannon, whatever. Seems like Tamra has just had enough of Shannon this season (already).

Dammmmn Tamra jumps right to, when’s the wedding? Coming at Steve (post golf outing). Seems like she’s putting too much pressure on the situation. She’s just being verrrry Tamra (cough cough, pot stirrer). These girls are WASTED.

So Tamra is planning a party for Eddie and Eddie said he invited David Beador! I love David, wouldn’t mind seeing those blue eyes again! Damn, he’s uninviting him! Awe, now Ryan and Eddie are bonding over making fun of Tamra’s shirt. It looks like a middle school little boys shirt. But she tagged it in a post today! Just in case you want it! Lol.

Now we’re seeing the chaos that is Gina’s life! OMG she’s the same age as Briana? WOW, these kids are brats. I feel so bad for her! Thank god she’s on Real Housewives, maybe her life will get better. There’s always nannies now (that she’s on RHOC)! Lol. Her ex is a BAAAABE!

Ummm awkward, Emily just said her kid gets pink eye because he’s always sticking his face in her butt? True love!

Yayyyy KrazyKelly! OMG Kelly’s reaction to the smoothie, she’s gagging in public! Her daughter is more mature than she! Tamra is obsessed w Gina! I’m surprised she likes her so much! Probably because she’s loud like her. Lol! She needs someone new to vent to. I get it. Here goes Shannon talking about it and saying she’s not understanding. I see why she’s confused though, it’s very unexpected. Didn’t realize Tamra hated her so much! I think Tamra kind of unleashed on her. HAHAH!! They just showed recap clips from past seasons of Shannon freaking out! I love when Bravo includes past highlights!

LOL Shannon and Tamra are both on scooters! Ya kidding me?! Tamra’s hair looks so good in this scene! She has great hair! Whoa it’s a battle of who has more stress in their life? Wow I can’t believe Eddie freaked out on God. God doesn’t always give miracles people! Everything is a test. Hopefully the girls are able to move past this temp feud? We’ll see.

The party is about to start and I’m pumped! This better not cut out right at the good part! I feel like anything Kelly says, she screams. I love Tamra’s new house! OMG Gina coming @ Shane like a coo coo. She’s the one that made it awkward! Shane looks scared and skinny. Lol. OMG this is so weird that Shannon has a scooter. Feels like she’s copying to bond.

Haha Tamra calling her mom a bitch and saying that’s where she got it from! OMG Emily looks PHENOM in that jumper. Kelly is such a mess. Who attacks someone’s boyfriend? Sorry, not something I’d do.

Why does Vicki always call Steve her husband and talk about Steve being her husband? Like give it a rest already! Oh, so Kelly is offended that Steve defended Vicki. The truth comes out! Gina needs to fix her eye liner. It’s very thick. Gina is confessing she’s having issues w (hot) Matt. Gina DOES NOT look cute when she cries. Awe, Vicki always says if she did it again, she would have made it work w Don! I feel like everyone says Don still loves her and is still hurt! I like Steve and her! I like how Gina says she’s happier without her husband, don’t worry, I think her husband is happier too. I mean come on, she never even saw where he lived? Sketchy AF.

Man, Kelly is out of control! I do love her though, the show would be boring without her (maybe not, but she def contributes to a ton of drama)!

OMG that got crazy real fast! Haha I can’t believe Kelly didn’t realize that was Emily’s husband! IMO she started it with him, talking crap about Steve when she didn’t even know who she was talking to. Yes, he was intense back to her, but she is a tough cookie, she can handle it! Then she stomps over and is calling him a bitch to Emily? That was nuts!! Krazy Kelly strikes again! Can’t wait for next week!! Looks like Vicki is becoming closer with Shannon and further from Kelly.

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