Below Deck Med – S3 Reunion

Hannah Ferrier, Captain Sandy Yawn, Adam Glick, Colin O’Toole Below Deck Med – S3 Reunion

This is by far the worst season yet of Below Deck Med IMO. I don’t actually remember that much from the past seasons

So Joao and Brooke broke up? Looks like Hannah predicted that! Adam’s face during this recap of his cooking is priceless. Captain Lee ripped this reunion apart, so I’m pretty excited to see it. Oh ouch, Sandy just threw Adam under the bus for not “feeding the crew”. Wow, now he’s extremely defensive.

Here comes Kacey convo with Hannah and Brooke. Seemed like she turned it around toward the end of the season, probably from Hannah’s training. Man, they are diving right in now! I guess we’re talking about the entire interior drama… right away! Kacey’s outfit is over the top too much! Lol! This is not a Real Housewives reunion girl. Oh wow, Hannah just took accountability for slacking during the season. Kacey needs to watch her ass saying Brooke is a better chief stew! I mean I know, everyone is giving Hannah a hard time, but I love her!

Sandy just said she won’t take any more crap from Hannah and Hannah blamed herself being in a bad place on the issue. Not sure if they will work together again, but idk how they can’t. Joao actually said he thinks he and Hannah could have been friends, ya right!

OMG I can’t believe they are literally recapping ALL of the drama in a nutshell. Here goes Hannah apologizing again! She realllllly wants to make sure she’s on next season! Oh wow, now Sandy is correcting Conrad! She is going after him! Holy crap she just ripped him apart! Haha Andy’s eyeballs during this scene between Sandy and Conrad! OMG she just said Joao would have been 100% better!

Recapping the love triangle that is Joao, Brooke and Kacey. I don’t care enough to be excited about this, but I am interested. Hahaha Andy just called him out and said Brooke dumped him! Kacey’s outfit is Noooooot cute haha it’s like she’s wearing a corset underneath a tacky design. Sounds like Brooke is ending it, AGAIN. Lol. Hmm…idk I don’t believe or trust Joao. Hopefully Brooke stays strong and moves on.

Oh, wow now Jamie is speaking up. She def didn’t speak up enough or get enough facetime this season. Gosh this Kacey girl is annoying, not like she’s doing anything bad per say, just seems like she’s fame hungry.

Lol! OMG Joao just had to leave because he was so sad hahah! Someone got caught! Oh, now Kacey is trying to defend him, after she is the one who started it all! Lol. Seems like they are both trying to cover up their relationship.

Yesss, Hannah and the tween’s relationship is now the topic of conversation. Wow that was sooo awkward! Omg Colin is such a sweetie, he said they were both professional and a “cute couple”. Lol, only he would say that. Sandy is coming off tough AF in this reunion. WTF is this comment from Kacey saying that guy’s fall at Hannah’s feet?! Sooooo weird!! Geez Andy is kind of being rude to Hannah. Maybe he’s annoyed w her.

Now we’re addressing Joao and Hannah. Joao was such a freakin creep w her this season! That wine glass break was the craziest scene. Lol he said he never knew how bad he was on camera! Yikes Andy just called him out on having an alter ego, Joao admits he shouldn’t have done it. Does that make it better? Idk. OMG I just lol’d at him saying Jezabob hasn’t come back. Joao is just making a bunch of excuses then says, I don’t want to make a bunch of excuses. Well at least Brooke says she understands why Hannah warned her.

Awe, Sandy said she and Hannah will be fine! Which means, she’ll be back next season! Glad that’s over.

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