Married to Medicine – S6 E2 I Don’t Talk to Dentists

Doctor Heavenly, Doctor Damon, & Toya Harris Married to Medicine – S6 E2 I Don’t Talk to Dentists

Last week’s season premiere was LIT! To be expected from the ladies of #marriedtomedicine. They always bring the drama! This week’s episode opens with Heavenly talking to Daddy – lol the footage from Simone’s party showing her “Christian” ways! Lol. Daddy just sat down and this is the first time we’ve seen him since the news of his infidelity. It seems like he really loves Heavenly and the family. He always seems happy when he comes in the room. Wow that was awkward, he seemed caught off guard and like he was NOTTTT telling the truth. His tone was OK, but his facial expressions read liar!

Holy shit!!!!!! Contessa’s daughter just choked!!! Lol! Now she’s goofing around eating! OMG daddy problems listening to Contessa. She is so sad and hurt from her father! I am loving this personal side to her! I am liking her more now than I did last week! Lol, maybe there’s hope? This is reminds me of Simone’s Father.

Miss Quad, Misssss Quad. New friends on the block (aka coworkers). I feel bad for Quad, I love her. She is not a hater on the ladies and I agree, no one has her back. I was shocked last week when Mariah defended her to the ladies.

Toya is looking thick these days. Idk what’s going on w her. She’s still cute in the face though. OMG she always needs a reason for a party. Simone looks like she’s thinking the same thing.

Lol Simone got a huge blowup picture of her from her party and wants to put it directly in front of the bed! Lol. Hahaha they are so awkward but funny. I love them! At least they are being honest about needing help. OMG they are fighting so baddddd! I could not handle it. Like they love each other but they argue it out? Idk. I don’t blame her for wanting to feel loved, then he walks away. Omg the way she blinks her eyes. Yikes, awkwardddd, they like hate each other right now…

Lol Heavenly is going to Anger management!! OMG the way she just described the situation w Mariah was a complete joke! No real details, no accountability. Lol!! These pictures of Heavenly getting mad! Haha! I’m sorry but I think Heavenly is so full of shit.

I’m sorry but this party for Eugene is ridiculous! Toya thinks she’s fulling Eugene, but I’m not sure. Seems like he thinks the idea of dressing up as doctors is obvious? Why do all the women hit on Dr. Jackie’s husband? I feel like they are always testing him. Hmm is Dr. Jackie getting jealous? Ugh oh!! #Daddy just walked in!! OMG!! This is hilarious!! I can’t believe how much he wears scrubs! I never noticed that before! OMG!! Dr. Deavely!! I love it!

Wow Eugene doesn’t really even want this party. Am I the only one that thinks Eugene would have been happier having no parties for once? OMG now Simone is grabbing on Eugene?! Simone is horny, she needs to go after Cecil!

Ouuuccccch Mariah is soooo good, “I don’t talk to dentists, I’m a doctor”. Cecil’s explaining that he and Simone STILL don’t live together! Sounds like they are just making excuses.

FUCK Doctor G!! Are you serious Dr. Jackie’s husband?!! Wow!!!!

OMG! Heavenly like russshed over to Damon when he was talking to someone? Are you kidding me? So awkward!! OMG another awkward moment, Contessa’s husband jumping in on the speech! WTF now she’s calling during the speech? This is soooo weird! OMG SO WEIRD!!! Are you fi’ng kidding me how that went? At least Eugene tells her to her face how F’d up that was. Why is she so concerned, why isn’t she having fun?! HOLY CRAP next week looks insane!!!

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