RHONY – S10 E22 Reunion Part 3

Bethenny Frankel, Carole Radziwill & Andy Cohen Real Housewives of New York – S10 E22 Reunion Part 3

Ughhhh so sad this season is over! It has been SOOOOOOO good!! Can’t wait to see what Luann has to say on WWHL! So bummed she wasn’t able to make it to the reunion filming.

The infamous, “you’re so full of shit Andy”. God, I love you Andy! I don’t blame Bethenny for blocking Carole! I would! AND Dorinda! Of couuuurrrseeee Carole still talks to him! She’s desperate! I do NOT believe Carole! She is FULL OF SHIT!!! Ha! She just said there wasn’t an attraction, like ya right! She was crazy about him during the season!

I lovvvvvve you Bethenny! Holy shit I can’t stand CAROLE!! Thank God, she’s gone!! Haha LOVVVVE SONJA!! It’s literally non stop hypocritical behavior! I can’t stand her voice she looks soooo ugly! BUTT OUT RAMONA!!

Sonja was my fav cast member this season! Probably every season though…she’s my fav housewife period! Yessss, hopefully she can tear into Dorinda! Please help Andy?! Wow she never regrets anything she says and all of her digs are SO LOW!!!

Go Sonja GOOOO!! LOVE YOU GIRL! Oh wow here comes Dorinda adding herself into the equation about moving, it’s like get over it woman! For once can we NOT talk about you? Aweee Sonja was on antidepressants? Tinsley just said she doesn’t believe her? Wow, go F yourself Tinsley!

No one cares about Tinsley! I can’t believe she just goes, I don’t believe her (Sonja), like geez have some empathy!

That’s right Sonja! Get her (Dorinda). Wow, can’t believe they are talking about losing a husband and Bethenny is getting in. Very sad thinking about the current situation…whatever Dorinda say’s I don’t believe her. I love Sonja, she is such a good person and completely innocent! #IMO.

Oh yay, now we get to talk about Carole. At least, this is the last time! Ugh, every facial expression Carole makes is ugly. She looked so much better this season, then at the reunion. Wow, now Carole isn’t even that “good of friends” with Tinsley? OH GODDDDD here it comes Sonja and Bethenny? Carole keeps saying she was holding Bethenny accountable? Ya right Carole! Keep telling yourself that!

Yes, so happy to be talking about the Colombia trip! Haha yessss Bethenny just said Carole is close w Tinsley again lol! This time it seemed like it was intentional. I love her so much (B). Ugh can’t handle Carole is now saying she felt unsafe by Bethenny’s crying.

Wow Bethenny is actually trying to be nice to Tinsley and it just seems like she dismisses her. That was definitely the boat trip from hell!

OMG Ramona talking about pooping all over the floor! That is insane! And sooooo gross! Awe, that was nice of Bethenny to apologize and say she regrets saying Dorinda was a drunk. I don’t think she should take that back though. Oh wow! Ramona said she regretted posting the IG photo and texting Tom! Lol! The #apologizer! Lol showing Andy yelling @ Dorinda! Okay, Dorinda said she’s changed and hopefully won’t be like this again…we’ll see!

Bye, bye, NYC! I’ll miss you! Until next year!

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