Married to Medicine – S6 E1 Get Your Sexy Back

Cecil Whitmore & Simone Whitmore Married to Medicine – S6 E1 Get Your Sexy Back

OMG I can’t believe this is already the 6th season of Married to Medicine? What?! This show always brings the drama! Can’t wait to see if Quad is still unhappy. Glad Cecil and Simone are good! They’re my fav couple. Whoa intense intro already! Looks like the girls are ganging up on Quad!

Whoa I never even saw these articles about Greg! I mean I remember everything from the reunion. Just didn’t realize this woman came out w a story. I hope she divorces him finally! Lol Quad just said she doesn’t think this woman is lying…in other words, he DOES have a small dick? Or what…? Lol.. awe, I feel soooo bad for Quad! I love her! I just want her to leave him and MOVE on! Where is her next man?

Lol this exercise w Toya and Eugene. I wish they would lose weight. No offense, but they just look so unhealthy! Of course, Eugene quits the exercise. Lol. Wow! Toya just talked such shit on Quad.

Not going to lie, kind of bummed that Contessa is back again. I just find her kind of annoying. I like that she’s hard working nad loves money though.

Yay! Cecil and Simone! Aweee Cecil brought her flowers! Woohoo! Hopefully that means he’s trying? Looks like they are giving more kisses!

Yes I love this idea about a girls sexy party! Let’s help Simone get her groove back!

I love Heavenly! Lol. It’s like she’s a good person…but she talks so much shit. Lol. Haha I love Damon’s reaction to Heavenly! He cracks me up! She is crazy though, he needs to get her in check a bit…Aweee so cute he tells her to read the bible! He’s such an angel!

This sexy party is looking hotttt! Lovin Simone’s outfit. Hahaha Heavenly talking about pushing through angry sex! I love her haha. Lol the therapist just said, we’re not talking about your marriage lol! Holy crap!! Mariah said she knows people that have slept w Damon?!

Wow I am shocked to hear Mariah stand up for quad!

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