RHONY – S9 E21 Finale Part 2

Carole Radziwill & Dorinda Medley Real Housewives of New York – S9 E21 Finale Part 2

Praying Andy continues to have Bethenny’s back at this reunion. Hopefully there will be less focus on her. OMG so Dorinda is “talking to her mom” and going to therapy twice a month and she thinks that’s going to cure her drinking problem? #denial

OMG Sonja just said she was drunk. Yessss, Bethenny just gave a dig to Ramona. Ugh Dorinda makes me sick. I’m so over her behavior. Just thinking Bethenny was probably engaged to Dennis at this point. OMG I cannot w her! She is in such denial its ridiculous!

EWW Carole looks so ugly and gross in Part 2! I’m so over Dorinda bringing up what she and Luann have been through but she doesn’t feel bad about what she said?! I can’t believe we’re already getting into the juicy stuff this early! Ugh Ramona is soooo annoying trying to blame Bethenny for the #jovani incident. OMG Carole she’s so gross!!! Why is she being so evil?!

Wow Dorinda does not feel bad at all about what happened w Luann and she thinks they’re taking a healthy break?! Are you kidding me? I hope Lu never forgives her!

OMG Tinsley looks so sad and they are just now bringing up Scott! OMG watching Tinsley cry over her unfertilized eggs is sooo hilarious! Def her best moment. Wow Tinsley sounds pretty mature over this whole thing. She said they’ll be engaged soon, guess we’ll see. She has spent a decent amount of time in Chicago lately.

I wish Lu would have been there for the reunion, but like Andy says, we all wish that. They didn’t talk too much sh*t about her. Bethenny and Sonja we sweet, which is to be expected. Ramona just said she told Lu things about Tom off camera and she said, “if Noel knew” like well now you just blew that Ramona! I think she knows exactly what she does though. OMG Ramona is literally throwing Lu under the bus.

OMG I love Sonja’s response about Lu, I love her so much! Ugh Dorinda butts in w Bethenny about Lu, it’s like girl, we’re still mad at you about Lu. Wow Ramona is in denial, she’s coo coo! She’s such a shitty friend and doesn’t even realize it! OMG now Dorinda is just being overkill w Lu!

Okay so here it goes, Bethenny and Carole. Yessss red scarf guy!! I’m sorry but I am soooo team Bethenny! Wow Carole’s face when the tape ended. She’s such a biotch! I love that Carole constantly talks about training for the marathon, who cares Carole! Soooo you ran every other day? OMG I am so over the Bethenny and Carole saga. Haha Bethenny called Ramona evil and she goes I am not that! Ya right Ramona! Lol.

Carole is in denial about her role w Bethenny. Oh, god every time Carole puts on her glasses it looks like an old grandma. I didn’t even know age shaming was a thing? Yessss Bethenny just got her sooo good about cooking and her career! Why is Carole in such denial!

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